Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A Few Pics and Some Catch Up

New wire and bead pendants in shop!
So I have been creative lately. Really. I just haven't shared because honestly the whole knock me down bronchitis thing through me for a serious loop. It pulled me out of my usual and made me take naps during the day and take life more easily. I hated it but it was probably good in some ways. But- enough of that. Here are some pics of what I've been doing....

As Seen on the Bloesem blog- click pic for more...
Probably the most fun I have had lately has been brainstorming for Art2heart. They officially asked me on staff about 4 weeks ago as a product development chick. I don't know what my official title would be if this were a real job and not a volunteer thing but I can tell you what I've gathered is my role. FIRST- I get to do what I have always done which is peruse magazines, books, etsy, and other online sources for fresh ideas and trends in the making. This has given me the excuse I needed to go to my husband and tell him I really NEED a subscription to Mollie Makes. Sorry sweetie, need to stay on top of the trends and they tend to hit the UK before they come here. Just a hint- but granny chic is definitely on the upswing right now. I saw the cutest cross stitch mural done by Eline Pellinkof. It made my jaw drop. Gorgeous!!!

In the name of research I've also been checking out gift shops in the area. Just to see what the categories they carry are. Seems like housewares, seasonal, jewelry, home dec, collage art, gift basket goodies, children's, men's, women's boutique clothes/bags/scarves, and also affirmation art in the form of wall art, greeting cards, stationary, etc. Am I missing something? Do you shop gift shops?

More designs....
I've also been busy working on some new designs for my etsy shop as well as some submissions for magazines. I just finished up a stint playing with coffee bags that was really really fun. I'll show you a pic when I can. :) Oh and I've been learning to use my sewing machine a bit more. So that's a slice of what I've had my hands into. I'll round up some pics (including the new bags I sewed last weekend) and show you more soon. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 9, 2012

My Lecture to Myself....

It started with a cold and turned into 2 weeks of hacking and coughing. I hate colds. I hate sinus infections and bronchitis. I am so ready to be done with this. For a while I kept my sense of humor and made jokes about my new low sexy voice but no more. I am done! And my poor family sucuumbed so we've been a bunch of sickies around here. Not really up to doing a whole lot. So I have a list of things I want to do. I list of things I have to do. AND a list of things that if I don't do them something will happen. I don't know what for sure but am not going to take the chance. Just kidding. Kind of.
We always feel like our world needs us. Guess it's a grown up version of the self centeredness kids have. They think it's all about them because it's them. Right? We know we're not the center of the universe. The world at large goes round without knowing we're even there. BUT I know I act like MY bit of the world would come crashing down without me. If I don't do this or that thing that I said I would.... oh, no! A bulletin board, some decorations for a school function, I push myself because I think what I do is important. My husband just shakes his head.
But- I do believe what I do is important. I make things beautiful. I make the background of people's every day a little nicer. I remind them that there are wonderful beautiful things in this world created just to make us happy. So although I have to admit that the world will not stop spinning if I take a week or two to recover, I do believe what I do matters to the world. Make sense? It is hard to draw the line though.
I bet you have similar issues. Because you believe that what you do is important you soldier on even when a rest and common sense tells you to take a break. But we drop everything if it has to do with taking care of our kids. We need to remember to make ourselves a priority too. This is of course, me lecturing me. Gonna go pop some ibuprofen and lay down. Be back soon!!!!