Monday, September 10, 2012

There And Back again...and again.. and again....

Traveling the Bear Tooth Highway, MT
 I've truly been there and back again in the last few months, only to make a few more trips of it. How about you? Was your summer crazy too? I was cruising along in May and even June but at the beginning of July I just kind of hit a road block and had to make some choices. The result of those choices had me basically turning off all electronic pulls on my time. No facebook, no blogging, no reading blogs, etc. for the rest of the summer.

See I was having a really hard time working, being a full time mom, keeping my depression at bay, producing art in quantity, staying in touch with friends and family, as well as meeting what I thought was others expectations for me, and my expectations for myself. I try to be the best mom to my son, housekeeper, cook, wife, artist, writer, friend, and christian I can but I have to admit trying to do it all, all the time is a little nuts. During the school year my time is better segregated. I know I'll have blocks of time I can devote to each but during the summer everything gets all blurred.

Stopping to see the View
So all of August I took time off. I tried not to do too much art and crafting, I did the minimum required of me for my job, I checked out of the volunteer work I do, and tried to get back on an even keel. Kind of the time equivalent of a bonus check on the budget. It catches you up and allows you to start the budget fresh again.

Summer Roses in Bismarck,ND

 I have to believe I'm not the only one who ever has to start over. I know the cover of the Sunday insert had Katie Couric saying something about life being a series of reboots. Taking time off to turn off was challenging. To be honest I couldn't do it in pieces, I tried that. In the end it took completely checking out, removing myself, and reading books. I get lost in books and hadn't read for quite a while so I made big use of my library card this last month. Found some really good series and let my mind rest. How do you reboot? Do you find you need to unplug entirely or do you have a daily or weekly ritual that re focuses you? I'd love to know if you have any tricks for finding and keeping balance. 

Playing with Dolls...:)
Besides distracting myself with books, I've been trying to play. I've found that giving myself permission to just play and follow some whims usually brings me to a new place that was just where I needed to go. So I made some dolls in August. One for the new little niece I visited in mid August and another for a new little adopted niece. That one isn't quite finished yet but I'll post pics when it is. I'm also making some fall clothes Alabama Chanin style. It's so so fun and just a little bit obsessive but the end result is just gorgeous. I have a dress that's partially done and a bolero I just finished. I'm excited about both. There's just something about fall that makes me want to be a fashion designer. This year the Alabama Chanin remake is in full swing. :) I'll keep you updated. 

Close up of my Alabama Chanin Style Dress in Progress