Sunday, March 21, 2010

How to Artfully Display Ribbon

Oh- it was such a lovely discovery. I was cleaning up my art room yesterday and wondering what to do with the pile of ribbon I had. Right then they were in a heap. Not too organized or pretty. Then in one of those moments of inspiration I looked up at the wall where I'd hung a wire bird cage I'd made and Voila'- I had it! I hung the ribbons on the bottom wire of the birdcage and let them drape, and then added a couple of clothespins to secure. Lovely, simple, and I really enjoy seeing the cascading colors as they hang on my studio wall.

Excited and inspired, I made another little birdcage, this one with the bird outside the cage, and used the clothespins to pin up an old postcard of Paris, and a photo of Venice. Like you, I love to be surrounded by beauty and art. But in a small home, the wall space is dear. I need it for storage as well as display. This little discovery does both- it creates an artful display.

Now I'm looking around my home again, wondering what else I could enlist in my fight against chaos. What could I create that would be both practical and artful? It's a question that often results in inspirations for me. What could you design to help you with some of your design dilemma's? Think about it a bit and I bet you'll be inspired as well!

BTW- The birdcage at left is going into my Etsy shop tomorrow morning. So if you think it would look nice hanging in your studio as well, please stop by!!!


Kathy said...

Oh I love the new style of flower in your store. And the birdcage is great but,well, I would need a lot more than one to hold my ribbon collection.

Has your book been released yet? I look at the word you sent me all the time!

Single Stone Studios said...

LOVE it! I think I would like one with a small hook to hang my dish cloth on. I always toss it over the faucet and think it looks awful but with a little birdie/flower hook it could be made cute!

Jen said...

Thanks for you comments! A small storage item has been on my to do list for a while- it would be cute. Hmmmm....

Kathy- Thanks for visiting again! I laughed when I saw your comment about having too many ribbons to hang in this way. When I showed the birdcage to my husband he looked skeptical and asked if there were really that many people out there with so many ribbons they actually need storage. I assured them there were! :)