Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'm Dreaming of.... Chicken Wire and 16-Gauge Steel

I've been dreaming of chicken wire and 16-gauge steel wire lately. The ideas are stacking up so much that it's starting to make me anxious. Does this happen to you? Do the ideas come in floods at times till they threaten to overturn your artistic boat? The only solution I know is to play and work at getting some of the ideas out of my head and into my hands. Either in sketch form or actual created form. To do this I really need to turn off the computer, throw on some music, and find some alone time. All harder to do than you'd think!

Speaking about chicken wire creations-Here's another of my chicken wire angels. She's only part way done (she's going to be my little token for spring) a garden angel. So I'm still trying to work out a way to include some seed packets, or more leaves, or some charms, I don't really know yet.

I'll keep you posted- maybe today will be my chicken wire day. I'm thinking chicken wire frames, chicken wire with fabric, chicken wire photo holders, chicken wire silkscreened to pillows, chicken wire wall art, chicken wire with candles.... hmmm.

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