Thursday, March 25, 2010

Local Craftiness: Ilymore

Aaaargh! It's a good day to be a pirate! My son was headed out the door earlier wearing his favorite shirt and pirate hat and posed quickly. The shirt he's wearing always gets a ton of compliments. It's got the first initial of his name on the front and his age on the back. Usually what happens is he runs by in a blur, another parent goes "oooh how cute!" and as I'm taking off after him I holler out that "a friend of mine made it and she sells them too! Her shop name is iiiiiilllllyyyyymooooooorrrrreee." It's actually ilymore but that's how it sounds as I'm running after my son.

Ilymore stands for I love you more. So cute! As are her creations. Take a look! She sells through her blog at The girl shirts are possibly my favorites as she has the cutest fabrics to choose from. But those boys... well you have to agree they just rock them.:)

So head on over to Michelle's blog and design your child's personalized, one of a kind stitched shirt today!!!

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Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

I like those initial shirts. i need to get a couple of those for my boys. i could make them myself but who has the time, lol.