Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Local Craftiness: The Mad Stamper

I've long had it in mind to tell you about a few local artsy mom friends of mine who've bravely begun they're own crafty businesses. I say brave not because they're risking so much- their work is all gorgeous, but because they all have young kids at home. Beginning a venture like this when you have children at home is daring. You never know when you'll be called upon to be Mom and carving out the time necessary to create and run a business is hard. They craft because they love it, or because it gives them something of their own to pursue. I admire them all tremendously for this and thought I'd share their work with you this next week.

First up is The Mad Stamper on Etsy. She specializes in handmade tags, embellishments, and cards. Her designs are always right on and too too cute. Check out the cute little fawn tags and the sweet baby announcements. Karen has this to say about her art (I stole this from her shop profile), and I completely agree with her!

"I am a Stay-at-Home mom who loves her babies more than anything! But I also need time to create. :) Especially with Rubber Stamps!!! Card making is my passion and then papercrafting. Creating is my release, it gets me back in-touch with my inner self, and allows me to breathe again... As a mom to 3 children, that is VERY important! It makes all of us happier in the end ~"

I love the detail and craftsmanship Karen pours into each of her creations, AND I absolutely love Karen. So please check out her Etsy shop- you'll be glad you did!!!

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Julia-Rose said...

Those little deer are so dear! hehe