Friday, March 26, 2010

Tutorial: T-shirt Pirate Shirt

Shiver me timbers!! Thought I'd continue the Pirate theme from yesterday with this nifty t-shirt transformation. The inspiration for this came a few weeks ago when Jasper was invited to a Pirate themed birthday party. The birthday boy's mom is a friend and so I knew she'd made a vest and pirate pants for all the kids who would be attending. Her request was that the kids would wear a white shirt to the party to complete the look. So 45 minutes before the party's start time I was at Target purchasing a white t-shirt. I decided to alter it a bit when I got home to make it a bit more "pirate-y". It was easy and quick- which was good because by the time I got home it was only 20 min. til the party started. :)

Jasper loved the shirt and he did look pretty cute in his finished outfit so I thought I'd share the how-to with you! Aaaargh!!

T-shirt Pirate Shirt

Tools and Materials:
White T-shirt
Old brown t-shirt

1. Using a scissors, cut a jagged edge along the bottom of the shirt. I didn't care if it looked perfect (in fact it looks better the messier it is) so I cut through both layers at once.

2. Then cut the sleeves in the same jagged pattern. I cut triangles but you could probably get a good look by just cutting strips into the shirt as well.

3. Cut off the t-shirt's collar and then in the front center of the shirt cut a "V" approx. 4-6" long.

4. Using a Crop-a-dile, punch holes in the t-shirt symmetrically and slightly spaced apart along each side of the "V" (as pictured).

5. Cut a 12-14" strip about 1/2" width from an old brown t-shirt (it will curl slightly). Thread through hole in a criss-cross pattern.

6. The finished shirt! Jasper's ended up being a bit big for him through the shoulders so I folded the shoulder fabric over and stitched it in place with embroidery floss.



Single Stone Studios said...

YOu're the coolest mom EVER!

Linda said...


Anonymous said...

Just made the shirt for last minute costume. only took 5 minutes and I used the collar I cut off the shirt as the "brown" fabric to lace through holes. Looks SO CUTE!!!

Diljit said...

That's way too cool! I use to write some blog on Sewing Machine but now I'm more in Wedding Photography stuff. Have a nice day!!