Friday, March 1, 2019

Come See Me at Well Crafted Studio!

You are cordially invited to come visit me at my new endeavor,!

I can't wait to see you there!

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Coming Soon! The Next Adventure Includes YOU!

So it's true. This is the first blog post I've written since 2014. It's a crazy kind of homecoming. And the way it came about is bittersweet. I jumped online this morning to essentially cut and paste this life. Post by post I started to take it apart. And in the doing I relived a lot of who I was at that time. I actually started to blog in 2009.  Ten years ago.

Unexpectedly, it was cool to meet the me from back then again. I was a lot more inspirational in the posts than I remember being in life. For instance, what I remember is being exhausted a lot, and writing from a place of desperation. Every mom of a 4 year old can relate,  it's so easy to lose who you are in what you do all day. I wrote so I could keep the part of me that was creative and an artist alive. I wrote because I needed art friends to connect with as much as I needed mom friends.

So life was a lot different in 2009. And I like seeing who I was, and I'm happy to be picking up where she left off. It feels a lot like a do over, a lot like a continuation, a lot like coming full circle.

Because here I am again, ten years later, and I'm starting a blog. It's going to be an amazing place with videos, inspiration, techniques, and encouragement. I'm seriously excited. Which is interesting, because it was a year ago when I realized that God had placed this in my heart and I'll admit to telling him  then, "I can't. I'm too tired. It's too much and too big." and I basically ran. Hard and far.
But that was a year ago and in a year a lot has changed. I can honestly tell you now that I am completely thrilled to say,

"Well Crafted Studio is coming soon."

I hope you'll join me because the best part of revisiting this blog? It's been reading the comments you all wrote. February 1st, we launch It will be amazing if you could come. My hope is that the new site will be a place you can visit with a cup of coffee in hand, and together we'll play. We'll make stuff, try stuff, probably fail at a few things. But we'll do it together with tutorials, videos, interviews with some amazing creatives, and lots and lots of crafty joy. It will be place you can draw from for inspiration and will encourage you to fully live the life you were created for. It will be community. I can't wait to have you visit.

PS- leave a comment and tell me what you'd like to see at the new site and what you've been doing. It would be awesome to catch up!