Monday, April 23, 2012

My Secret Obsession with Granny Chic & a Sneak Peek

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So I'm really truly a doily girl now. HOW HOW could this happen? It began with some plastic one's I used as masks for spray paint on canvas well over a year ago. It progressed to the Martha Stewart doily stencils that I've used three or four times on bulletin boards at Jasper's school. (I'm hoping they like lace and doilies there too or I might really be annoying some folks')... Then there was the doily dress this summer. I still LOVE that dress.And the doilies and lace I used to decorate the tent for my sister in law's baby shower.

Stampington's preview of Sew includes my floral bouquet!

  But this doily obsession is just part of a great big love I've had for vintage these last 7+ years. I went gaga over junk market style. I treasure my vintage re purposing mags like Greencraft. I love the way people have embraced the old but have put their own spin on it. Bicycle wheels turned into photo holders, old trays turned into memo boards, thimbles into pendants... the list goes on and on. There is just so much inspiration and creativity shown in these areas. Seeing people re imagining a thing into something completely different just fills me with happiness. I'm really truly giddy when Junk Bonanza happens each fall.

Reusing or re purposing the old into new is a basic for the trend called granny chic.  But it also includes things like newly crocheted granny squares showing up on the fashion runways. It incorporates vintage fabrics, cross stitch, florals, lace, and beautiful colors. Each issue of the British mag, Mollie Makes is just filled with it and it couldn't make me happier. BUT, I'm keeping this to myself. Because my husband who loves the modern would be very very concerned. So shh.... don't tell. But, if you'd like more doily inspiration check out my doily bulletin board on pinterest. There's a granny chic there too... but don't tell! And thanks for reading!!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Check out the latest Jewelry Affaire!

I know I did. I snatched it up as soon as my husband walked in the door with the mail and waved it at me. He was completely unprepared for my reaction.  I LOVE this magazine. I know I say that a lot. But I tend to really really love the thick gorgeous art mags that are out there right now. There is so much inspiration and beauty to be found in these. I really dog ear each copy I get. Jewelry Affaire, if you don't recognize it, is a relatively new magazine to Stampington publications. It's goal is to publish absolutely gorgeous, fabulous jewelry that is simple to make. It's great for beginner's who are just trending toward jewelry from other crafts and want to get great results and try a variety of media.

In this latest Jewelry Affaire  I am thrilled and so so grateful to have an article featuring my stitched wire cuffs. Check out the pic above! They're a simplified version of the Cloud 9 Cuff in my book, Creative Bloom. What I did was take the basic cuff shape and rather then add detail with additional wire work I used fabrics, buttons, and trims to create an embellished look. Trust me though. These girls are super simple.

Some jewelry I make I love but for some reason don't wear all that often. The cuffs I wear all the time. They're super comfy and cushy and you can make it as loose or form fitting as you want. I like mine pretty form fitted so they don't slide around on me. So if you've been thinking cuffs are pretty cute AND you want to try something new- check out this latest issue of Jewelry Affaire! Thanks for stopping by!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

The First Time I Make Something

So a weekend or two ago the family and I went to to visit my husband's parents.  The last couple of times we've gone my MIL has had me bring my sewing machine with. Why? Because she knows having a project makes me happy and learning something new puts me over the moon. At Christmas she showed me how to do some crazy quilting, how to use a double needle to stitch, and how to lock stitch. It was the first time I'd really had time to sit down and get to know my Janome and I really really enjoyed it. This time she had a lesson in hand picking zippers, and sewing a simple dress lined up. But I had just gotten Amy Butler's new book, Style Stitches at the library and really wanted to learn how to make some of the gorgeous bags that are in it.
My sewing skills are pretty elementary yet but with my MIL's help I was able to stitch up a pretty decent version of Amy's teardrop purse. I haven't used an actual pattern since I made my first apron for 4-H (a way long time ago). She showed me some tips for copying patterns onto tracing paper and I copied out all the pieces of the pattern Friday night and spent Saturday cutting and sewing the bag (after a quick trip to JoAnn's for fusible interfacing and magnetic snaps). It was touch and go but I was able to get it done in time to clear off the table for supper. I really enjoy learning new things and being able to make a purse that looks like a purse, plus get some experience tracing and cutting patterns, as well as interpreting pattern instructions was pretty exciting.
Almost done!
Of course, my mind was instantly trying to jump to where I would take this. When I first try a recipe I follow it pretty closely. But after that first time I tweak it. That's how following a pattern or copying something is similar to following a recipe. Make it once or twice and then I'll start to alter it, tweak it, re-imagine it. With the teardrop I think I'll square out the bottom, make it a patchwork or add some applique, and make the band across the top thicker. I'm thinking coffee bags, osnaburger fabrics, or maybe add a zakka feel with some sashiko. Not sure yet. But I am pretty excited. Which is why you see three different teardrop bags. After the first I came home and cut 4 more from fabric I'd been given- just to be sure I really had the pattern and process down. A wee bit obssessive to make three, I'll admit.( I didn't keep them- in case you're wondering why I would even want three of the same pattern of bag. I donated them to the non-profit shop I work with). But the book does have to go back to the library soon- yup, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. :)
How about you? Do you have any favorite patterns that you make over? Or a favorite pattern book you'd like to share? I'd love to have you share!!! And thank you, as always, for spending a wee bit of your day here. I appreciate it SO MUCH!!!