Monday, April 23, 2012

My Secret Obsession with Granny Chic & a Sneak Peek

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So I'm really truly a doily girl now. HOW HOW could this happen? It began with some plastic one's I used as masks for spray paint on canvas well over a year ago. It progressed to the Martha Stewart doily stencils that I've used three or four times on bulletin boards at Jasper's school. (I'm hoping they like lace and doilies there too or I might really be annoying some folks')... Then there was the doily dress this summer. I still LOVE that dress.And the doilies and lace I used to decorate the tent for my sister in law's baby shower.

Stampington's preview of Sew includes my floral bouquet!

  But this doily obsession is just part of a great big love I've had for vintage these last 7+ years. I went gaga over junk market style. I treasure my vintage re purposing mags like Greencraft. I love the way people have embraced the old but have put their own spin on it. Bicycle wheels turned into photo holders, old trays turned into memo boards, thimbles into pendants... the list goes on and on. There is just so much inspiration and creativity shown in these areas. Seeing people re imagining a thing into something completely different just fills me with happiness. I'm really truly giddy when Junk Bonanza happens each fall.

Reusing or re purposing the old into new is a basic for the trend called granny chic.  But it also includes things like newly crocheted granny squares showing up on the fashion runways. It incorporates vintage fabrics, cross stitch, florals, lace, and beautiful colors. Each issue of the British mag, Mollie Makes is just filled with it and it couldn't make me happier. BUT, I'm keeping this to myself. Because my husband who loves the modern would be very very concerned. So shh.... don't tell. But, if you'd like more doily inspiration check out my doily bulletin board on pinterest. There's a granny chic there too... but don't tell! And thanks for reading!!!

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Anonymous said...

I loved the dress since you posted it last but omg do I love those flowers! Wow!