Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Be a River

If you could be anything in nature what would it be? Would you be a tree? A mountain? A small still pond? I was looking at some photos from our vacation last summer. It was a good reminder that spring will come. Looking at this photo of mountains and trees and the river I felt some renewal and a peace.

Then this afternoon I was flipping through old sketchbooks and found this teeny tiny little entry.
It said River as Life. I guess it was a personal creed I was thinking about because it goes on..

Meander through life.
Surround yourself with nature.
Be a source of life for all that surrounds you.
Be constantly moving and changing- sometimes slowly, sometimes in a torrent.
Be a still small creek that yet carves its own way through mountains.

I would add to that to be patient when life moves so slowly and enjoy the almost stillness. You're gathering strength for the rapids to come.

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