Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Love

Thought I'd share some photos of a Spring scrapbook I did a few years ago. It's empty- I keep forgetting to take pictures for it. Keep forgetting I have it actually. So I was excited when it tumbled off the top shelf of my closet today. The papers I used were all from the Phoebe collection by Basic Grey. The stamps might have been Autumn Leaves. The basic design is from a class I took at Archiver's.

This is the year though! I'm going to remember my camera and take a bunch of cute Easter photos. Our family hides little mini baskets for everyone and then we all go on a big search. This is when we really miss my brother. He was amazing at hiding the baskets and did it every year. One year he opened up the septic cover in my parents yard and hid one inside. Once he was able to hide one on the roof of the house where it dipped a little lower, and once in a tree.... he was amazing. He moved to Montana last year and can't make it back. *Sigh* it's just not the same without him!

Other fun spring photo ops- Jasper getting his rain boots on, Easter morning, the resurrection rolls, the Easter ham....yum!, dyeing Easter eggs, the first spring flowers, the first patch of green grass, the trees budding, and of course the birds and bird nests we have in the yard each year! Oh, and Jasper likes to dig for worms right off in the spring too. He's really interested in "signs of spring" this year. He keeps asking if somethings', like rain puddles and Canadian geese, are signs. Too cute!

Happy Easter!!!! and Happy Spring too!


A - Zinnia Productions said...

This is just full of beautiful space for your pictures. I love all the love and the work you put into it. And your memories and reflections are beautiful and so worth sharing. Thank you for inspiring so much excitement for the coming holiday. I get into the groove now!
oooxxx Zinnia

Jen said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Actually, Jennifer, it wasn't the septic cover where Brian hid a basket it was one of the access points for the underground sprinklers. I don't think even Brian would put one in the septic! Do you remember that when Lois and Winston moved to Alex we found one of the baskets in the gutter of their house. We had no idea how long it had been there.

Janel said...

I read this and it really made me miss having Easter with you guys this year! I remember one year I found Tiffany and I found Bri's basket right away, so we hid it elsewhere...in a pile of mulch that was waiting in the driveway. He was the last one to find his basket that year! Hopefully you got some pictures of Easter this year. Love your scrapbook! Now you just have to fill it!

Jen said...

Can you tell "anonymous" was my mother? "Actually, Jennifer..." I'm surprised she didn't use my middle name....

Thanks for correcting me Mom! Love you!