Monday, November 22, 2010

Appreciating the Chance to Slow Down and Play

This weekend was busy with a speaking engagement/wreath demo on Friday, the Handmade Mn show on Saturday, and then today I have a Kindergarten Thanksgiving craft to present and make with the kids in my son's classroom. THEN.... wait for it... wait for it.... I'M DONE! I'm so excited. :)

Because of my schedule of late, I've seen how the busy times really 'cause us to appreciate and enjoy the not so busy times. It really is a gift to see it. On Saturday my husband stayed with me at the craft sale. Most people would not have anticipated or enjoyed sitting with their spouse at a craft show for 7 or 8 hours but my both my husband and I did. It was such a contrast to our usual rush. My son now LOVES his Saturday mornings in a way he never did before, because now Saturdays, where he gets to sit on the couch and watch t.v. in his pajama's, are such a contrast to the rest of the week-with it's hurry hurry hurry to get out the door. So as busy as the last few weeks have been they've really created in me an anticipation of being able to slow down and spend some time without the to-do list pressing upon me.
My Pre- Christmas Christmas Present!

Still I like to relax by doing something meditative, like reading or knitting. I've been longing to knit lately. It's the repetitive nature of it, the hand motions you repeat, and the way you can let your mind wander. I really do enjoy it and haven't made the time for it in the last year.

Besides needing the Rx that knitting gives me I've seen some really fabulous knit wear lately that had completely been stoking my needles, and I've also found an old friend's blog about knitting that's whet my appetite further. It's a great blog and I love her voice. She's fun and witty and talks a bit about her life and her knitting. Again, it made me want to pick up those sticks and string and just play.

This morning my mother in law called and reminded me that my Christmas package should arrive today. She wanted to wait and send it so it arrives today, when everything's done and I can enjoy it. What is it??? Yarn, and a knitting book by my favorite knit designer ever- Louisa Harding. I'm so excited to toss aside the wire and fabric and immerse myself in something different for a little while. So when she told me what she was getting me for Christmas and said she wanted to send it early I knew right when I'd want/need it. It comes today. Yay!

But I'd like to know, how do you find a balance? Do you? How do you relax and regain some equilibrium of the spirit? Please leave a comment and share with us your personal Rx for these busy times.


Nikki said...

Hooray for you teaching your son that it's ok to stay in your pjs on the couch and rest. My daughter was a 3 sport athlete in high school but we always tried to reserve her Sundays for napping on the couch. Rest for both the brain and the body are SO important!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

It feels so good to 'be done' for a bit! My husband goes to shows with me... I don't do many... but I love sitting a whole day with him and talking. It is wonderful! Enjoy your Christmas package... it sounds fantastic. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family Jen!

Anna said...

Aw, you're too sweet. Maybe you won't be the only person reading my blog now!


p.s. What yummy yarn you have! What is it?

Anna said...

By the way, I luuuurve that poinsettia!

scrapwordsmom said...

I am in need of we speak. I am tired and have been very down today. Makes me sad as I looked forward to today. Anyway....I think I'll watch movies in my jammies and read and plan some projects. This always helps so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen said...

The yarn is Louisa Harding's Grace hand-dyed. My mother-in-law ordered it so I can make one of the little shrugs in the book. It is fairly scrumptious! I have to admit to being a little spoiled on this one. :)