Monday, August 8, 2011


My son and I were at Target today, headed straight for the Lego aisle when I was diverted into shoes by this totally cute looking pair of platforms. The price was right (under $10) and they were denim. I love denim. So on a total impulse I bought them. At home as I put them in the closet I noticed that they were by far the highest heeled shoes I own. So just to make sure I hadn't made a mistake I put them on and walked all around the house; I was trying to see if I could actually wear them without turning an ankle. And they're great.  I feel completely stable wearing them. Up and down the stairs- no problem. Then, just now, I realized what a great analogy they are.

When we reach for our dreams we often feel shaky, as if what we're doing could cause us to topple at any moment. We may have taken the big leap already, or maybe it's still ahead of us. But somewhere, either before or after, we'll find ourselves walking. Just moving forward a step at a time.

Here's where the shoe analogy comes in. This summer has been hard, I've put my work and this blog aside and concentrated on spending my days with my little boy while he's been home and trying to fix up the house. I've also tried to make sure I'm spending more time with my husband then I am with you. But I've felt a little guilty showing up here when I do to pop on and pop off so irregularly. Then today, looking at the shoes, I got it. They're super tall heels but because they have a firm and wide platform base I feel secure as I walk. That's what I've been doing this summer, I've been building up my platform. And my base, my platform, is my faith, my home and my family.

It's important. Just think about it- how comfortable do you feel taking a big leap in  your art, or writing, or your business  if your marriage is rocky? How secure do you feel reaching for  your dreams if you know that your family needs you, really truly needs you to be present and with them? I know that I could not have made the leaps I have if my husband wasn't supporting me as I made a go of it. I truly need him there as my foundation, stabilizing me. 

So I've decided tonight that I'm not going to feel badly about all the things I'm not doing because I've been taking time for my family and home this summer. I'm supporting them as they do me and building that firm foundation with them so that we can all walk tall this autumn, reaching higher then ever before.


Anna said...

SUPER cute!

Kelly said...

Great analogy and super cute shoes :)

Terri said...

great words of wisdom~

Marianne said...

I love this analogy and how true it is! (And I adore the shoes BTW) Creating a foundation for ourselves and our family allows us to make the space and time for our creativity.

Today when I put on my flat flipflops, I'll remember that my foundation also keeps me grounded. Thanks for the reminder.

Kat W said...

Wise words & a clever analogy that makes me feel better about doing the same. Thanks :-)
Kat X

Jen said...

Thanks everyone! I LOVE reading your comments!

Unknown said...

Love this! See, God can even open your eyes to things through a new pair of shoes. :)