Tuesday, December 6, 2011

School Themed Christmas Decorations

What to do to decorate a teacher's lounge? That was the problem last week. I had a bunch of great ideas but when the time came to execute I was down with a lay you flat kind of cold. SO I had to think fast the next morning and working off of  the idea of a teacher's lounge I started to play with some school themed decorations. Here's what I did...

First, I pulled out an old dictionary and cut some snowflakes. I'm ashamed to admit I had to google how to cut a snowflake. I honestly couldn't remember.

Then, I found an old copy of Greencraft that had this amazing paper wreath in it. I did some improvising ( the article showed them stapling the rolled pages to a backer sheet- I had no staples) and found that tape works just as well. When you get to the center though I wanted to cover up the point that the cone ends meet so I used one of my paper snowflakes.I also got bored making the paper rolls and so I decided to make mine more star shaped. :)

Next, I had all kinds of paper scraps so I cut some circles, crumpled them up a bit, and then with a needle and string made a garland for the window. Cute!

Then, near the office downstairs I used some flash cards to make a garland for the window. All I had to do was cut the flashcards in half and then staple them as you would make any paper chain. They had this nifty automatic stapler that was waaayy too fun.  To accent this I hung a carpenter's ruler I'd shaped into a star.
And there you go! School themed Christmas Decorations that are as easy as A-B-C with no primer required!  
Have you done something different with your Christmas decorating this year? Is there some unique material that you've used in an unusual way? We'd all LOVE to hear, so please leave a comment!!!


Holly said...

These are lovely decorations, and just perfect for a teachers lounge! :)

Anonymous said...

Would you come and decorate my room too?
Love them & you!

Jane LaFazio said...

I especially love the snowflakes from book pages! I was cutting snowflakes today, from plain ol' white paper. so boring! thanks for the great idea. and great job on the teacher's lounge!