Thursday, May 21, 2009

LOVE my new birdies!!!

Last night my sweetie stayed up late to lend me his height and install my new Vinyl Wall Decal- "Fly" up above the front door. It looks fabulous!!! The spot has been a dead spot in my decor for years- I never really knew what to put there, it's a big area and is completely visible from the living, dining, and even kitchen of our split level house. Then suddenly it occurred to me how very very wonderful one of Singlestone Studios vinyl wall decals would look there. YAY!! I love Shelley's designs and wonderful thing- she offers to send me my favorite- "Fly"!!! I feel very very lucky!!!

And compliments of compliments- my husband thinks it looks great too! He was particularly taken with the way it just rubbed on to the wall and is completely smooth on the wall surface. The look is perfect for our home. Artsy and modern yet the image has a scratched, "created" look I love. I had a chance to show it off to a friend today as well. I explained how much I like the fact that while there is a beautiful ornate birdcage, the birds have left it to sit amongst the natural beauty of the cherry blossoms and branches. I see the birdcage as representative of our very ornate and stylized culture. Although it is a beautiful place to live it can still keep us in a cage us. To fly free out into nature, to experience the world God created is sometimes an opportunity we take for granted. We forget the wonderful world that is outside of our day to day surroundings and stay in our cage, a part of the world but separated from it.
I look at the two contrasting elements in this piece, the man made birdcage and the God created cherry branches and I am so glad in my soul that I am allowed to choose the trees.

So this is a big "Thank You" to Shelley for creating such a beautiful and inspirational bit of art for me to now enjoy daily in my home! For more of Shelley's designs please check out her Etsy site here or her blog here. Or click on the link at the side of this page!

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MaygreenFairies said...

Oh this is gorgeous and it looks stunning in your home! Thanks for sharing it. Mandy x