Saturday, May 9, 2009

Influences: Odilon Redon

I bought a magazine today just because as I was flipping through it I saw an article about Odilon Redon. Odilon Redon was a French painter/printmaker who is best known for his Symbolist paintings. I love him best for his pastel paintings of floral bouquets. I stumbled upon an exhibit of his work at the Chicago Institute of Art years and years ago. I was there to see a Monet exhibit and in a little side gallery was this amazing composition with vibrant reds, indigo blues, and a gorgeous composition. A truly pivotal experience for me because not only did it introduce me to the lusciousness of pastels but it also gave me an image of beauty and composition that has been a standard of measurement I've used for my own works.

This afternoon I was thinking about influences and how important they are. Much of my personality today for instance is a result of influences past and present. Experiences, people, places I've visited , and the things I've loved have all changed the way I see, act, and think about other things. More than just passing fancy, these are influences that have become part of the fabric of my being.

It was almost 20 years ago that I happened upon this artist and he still has such an emotional hold upon me that I find myself purchasing a magazine JUST because it contains an article about him and shows some of his work. I've wondered occasionally about the importance of what I do, because really, what I do, is make pretty things. Not even things that people need. Just things that make me happy and reflect my aesthetic. But if a only somewhat famous artist from the 1900's can have such a big influence on me and my work- perhaps my life, my work, and my loves can have a positive influence in the life of someone else. And that gives me a lot of satisfaction.


Single Stone Studios said...

I love that you shared this! I also love the rich colors in the piece you posted.

A - Zinnia Productions said...

Yes! I love the colors too...and I love flowers as well. Very inspiring!!!

Yun Yi said...

redon is always my favorite. he seems not so popular in USA.

Anonymous said...

What is the Redon painting called??
I'm doing a project onit for school.
If you find out please email me:
thank you(: