Saturday, October 17, 2009

Letting Go of Your Work

It was 4 months and 25 projects but I am done done done! And there's nobody home so I'm going to celebrate with you!! Life's been pretty crazy lately, as I learn to balance family, the book, my job as a stay at home mom, and friends. At times I really wondered if I could do it and although I'm not done with it all yet- I am now one HUGE step closer!

The last project I finished was a bracelet. When I submitted it as part of my final project list last July it was a vague idea teasing me. I loved the idea but didn't know how to do it. So every time you hear me suggest that you, my artist friend, take a risk, I want you to know I do it too. The bracelet was a risk- but I had confidence that I could work it out as I went. Well the time went and I was down to my last 4 projects and I still had only a vague idea of what to do. But you know, as soon as it was time to "do it" the inspiration came. That's just one small experience but it actually sums up the progress of most of this book. I get an idea, have no idea how to do it, commit to doing it, and then when the time comes- the inspirations there. It's been a wonderful experience and I really feel as if God has been right beside me this entire time. As if it was a partnership with him doing all the hardwork and my job being to wait or act as the moment dictated.

The picture of my son above reminds me that when you write or create from the heart, letting that work go, is like throwing stones into the water. Our work is something we want to hold close and treasure. The projects I've sent to the publisher are my soul's work from the last 4 months. I could have held them close but by sending them I was making the choice to let go and toss them as hard and far as I could. They'll fly for awhile then drop into the water. And then, if I'm lucky, they'll ripple the water in countless circles and effect the lives of others. Hopefully encouraging them to do the same.

Although- if you want to know a secret...I always take a few pictures of the completed work before I send them anywhere. That way I can pull the image I want, whenever I want, and visit it. I know that I would never have made the jump to selling my work on etsy if I hadn't figured that one out. I need to know that I still have them available to me in some form. They're just too much a part of me.

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