Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Red Thread

Wow. I just finished reading a blog my cousin has set up to share their adoption journey. She and her husband leave today for Seoul, South Korea. They have been constantly in my heart these last few days and I know that God will bless this experience. I know too that they will be wonderful parents. The love they already feel, never yet having held their son is amazing. It's already the complete and unconditional love of parents. I can't imagine how emotional it will be to for them to meet their son.

Tomorrow is the day, and coincidentally it's my cousin's birthday as well. I'm absolutely certain she consider this birthday the very best ever! A while ago Heidi shared a children's book with me that I just love. It's The Red Thread by Grace Lin. Here's a description of the book.

"There is an ancient Chinese belief which states that when a child is born an invisible red threads connect that child's soul to all those people - present and in the future - who will play a part in that child's life. As each birthday passes, those threads shorten and tighten, bringing closer those people who are fated to be together. This story is not the tale of the legend, but a fairy tale inspired by the legend."

I keep thinking about this red thread today. If you've never heard of this before I really encourage you to read this book. It'll make you cry with tenderness for both parents and child.

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