Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Almost There!

Whoo-Hoo!! Thought I'd post an update and get back in touch with my blogging self. On New Year's Eve I hit "save" for my last chapter and today I sent in the first four chapters and the intro to my editor. The book is almost done and I can't believe it. The last few weeks have been all up hill as I did a balancing act that would do a Cirque du Soleil performer proud. Without giving you all the gory details I did want to mention that I have a new laptop that is not compatible with my camera and because we did an emergency eviction over Christmas while some repairs were made to our home I can't access my old computer files/art/camera stuff so until I get computer savvy I'll be limiting my time on blogger.

I'm also 1o days away from my manuscript deadline and while I have it half sent, until I can yell "DONE" I'm going to be a complete recluse. I can not wait to return to all of you and I have lots of plans to share. So have a wonderful wonderful few weeks!!!


Rachel said...

Go go go, Jen! You're almost there!
Also, I've blocked in the parts of your book you sent me! Exciting!

Love, Your Editor

Jen said...

I'm glad my editor loves me. :)
Hmm.... I guess you didn't actually say that- I'm extrapolating.

rachel awes said...

i was blog surfing and came across yours! fun to visit...your art is wonderful!..and fun to see someone else talking about manuscript lingo/trying to get one published myself as well!! oi! what a huge and vulnerable and amazing experience! bestbest to you.

rachel awes said...

hi jen! i'd love to hear more about what your manuscript genre is and your experience with the agent/or publishing world!!! do you have an email? mine is