Friday, January 29, 2010

Tutorial: Wired Love

Love. It's a word we use to express emotions- both deep and light. I love my sweetie husband and super cute little boy. I love the smell of varnish and oilbars. I love the Pogues. I love places like the Yosemite Valley in winter and standing next to the waterfalls in Glacier National Park in the summers. I love coffee nights with friends and of course, I love art.

At this time of year, with Valentine's Day right around the corner, I think of the word "love". Love is an emotion, it's also descriptive of a feeling of great like or enthusiasm. It's also a promise. What do you love? How do you use the word throughout your week? Who do you love?

In honor of the word," love", I've a short little tutorial for you. So take a look and give it a try. Then give it away to a good friend or sweetheart that you love!
Wired Love Tutorial

Tools and Materials
16-gauge steel wire
19-gauge steel wire (optional)
Heavy Duty wire cutter
Needle nose pliers- jewelry sized

1. Start by pulling a length of wire from you spool, wiping it with a rag as you pull to clean off the oil residue. Then using your needle nose pliers, bend the end of your wire in.

2. Using your hands, create a loop to form the letter "l".

3. Continue to shape with hands to form letters, "o", and "v".

4.Next shape another loop to create "e".

7. Leave 8-10" for a tail and then cut. Make a smaller decorative loop if desired, and then using your needle nose, bend the cut end of your wire around until it is flush to itself. If desired, you can use the 19-gauge wire to secure the wire where it overlaps by wrapping it around the juncture. Use the needle nose to shape or smooth your wire to finish.


Single Stone Studios said...

LOVEly tutorial ;)

Nicole Maki said...

Thanks so much for the great tutorial. "Love' was the first successful word I've made with wire and I'm really proud of it.

Next step is trying out your wreath :-)

If you want to see my project, I've posted it here: