Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Difference Between Wishes and Dreams

Last week as I was watching the Olympics, the newscaster was telling a quick little anecdote about one of the bobsled athletes that caught my attention. This 20 something athlete had first heard about the Olympics as a child, when her school had a staged a small Olympic program to celebrate the games that were happening that year. She says that her dream to be an Olympian started on that school platform. I wondered, how many other kids were there participating with her that might have had the same wish as she- to one day participate in the Olympic games? How many of children the world over have watched these last two weeks and in the watching formed their own Olympic dreams? Then it came to me, the difference between a wish and a dream.

Thousands of children may wish to participate someday. Hundreds may dream of it, but for some, a very few, the wish became a dream, and the dream became a goal. Why? Why do some of us have a passing wish to do or be something, and to others it becomes a dream? Why do we have the dreams we do? Last year, I read somewhere that our dreams and abilities are given to us by God. They are desires given to us and they can be seen by us as a clue to our purpose. I believe we all have a purpose, we were all given lives that can be fruitful, AND fulfilling. The trick for many of us is discovering that purpose. That's where prayer, and the desires of our hearts can be our clues.

When I was a child I wanted to be a lot of things. I wanted to be a doctor, a fashion designer, a poet and an artist. But as I grew, the one burning desire I couldn't put aside was the dream to be an artist. I knew how far fetched that was- but it got to the point I didn't care. It felt good and right to create. I knew it was a part of me that I needed to pay attention to, that God was directing me to. Right now I'm living the life of my dreams. It's easy to forget that as I'm trying to meet deadlines, or frustrated because I'm feeling overwhelmed, or scared to see that God is directing me to a cliff and telling me to jump.

I know, absolutely know that this is what I was created for. I don't know how it is part of God's plan, but I do know that to create, to be an artist satisfies that desire I've had my whole life. What dreams do you have that you just can't "grow out of"? What desire do you guard and hold on to? What whisperings do you hear? It's the dreams, not the wishes, that are God-given. That will tell you who you are and what you were made for- that reveal your purpose.


Cre8tiveQueen said...

Beautiful! What you have written just resonates with my soul. I have the same dream and fire to become an artist! Thank you for inspiring me! I registered for a class of yours at the Studio at Rush Creek and it didn't run =( I was so dissapointed! I went to Dick Blick this weekend and bought some wire and went crazy with it!
I'm so excited I found your blog =)!

Jen said...

I'm SO GLAD you found me! I was really disappointed about the class as well. I didn't realize they'd cancel if they didn't have the numbers. I was all ready and excited/nervous about it and really fired up about the opportunity. They are talking about putting me on the schedule again in late March or April. I'll try to do a little more promoting and maybe pull in a couple of friends to make sure it goes through. Thank you so much for your interest in my work- I can't tell you how much I love to hear someone else is as excited about art as I am!!!

Cre8tiveQueen said...

I hope we can meet - or I can take a class - my name is Natalie! I was reading some of your past posts today... so many beautiful things! You have a BOOK coming out!? I will definately need a copy! What an inspiration you are to an aspiring artist like me (graphic desinger by day creative and fine-art hopeful by night!) Karen at the Studio does book signings - so you should talk to her about that when your book comes out!
If you have an email list... Please add me =)
I can't believe you haven't done any creative workshops out of your home or another location! I was suggesting to Karen for your class maybe it's just 'Creativity with Wire' and you have a few options of things for people to create! a heart, a nest, words, jewelry branch or their own creation!?
Thanks again for all the inspiration!

Jen said...

Hi Natalie- No email list yet, but I've plans for a e-newsletter to debut sometime this summer. I love the suggestion about the class, I'd like to teach techniques and then let the class take those techniques in any direction they choose. It's fun that way. Thanks so much for checking out the blog and your suggestions- I really appreciate your taking this time. Have a great day!