Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Find, a Question, and the Mercenary Perspective.

How fast can I write a blog post? I have 45 minutes until I have to be at my son's preschool to pick him up and a trip to Home Depot to do first. I always fantasize about all the time I'll have to do "me" things while he's a school. It never seems to work out that way.

The Find
Anyways... back to the blog. I found this Basic Grey/Blush for Moda charm pack at my local Archiver's on Sunday. I love both of these companies and in fact used BG's figgy pudding line of fabric for the Christmas ornaments in my book. The Blush series was one of my favorites so I absolutely gasped with delight when I saw this pack. Seriously. I gasped. Out loud. A little embarrassing since not that many people can say they get so effected by an occasion like this but I thought I'd share since the few who do might read this blog and understand. :)

The Question

So here's a sampling of the fabric, my fave is the little patterned doodle flowers and the blue/teal "solid" that makes my heart go pitter pat. When I went to check out I talked briefly to the clerk. I wanted to know WHY a scrapbooking store would be selling Moda charm packs. I've mixed fabric with scrapbooking supplies in my mini art quilts but that still seems outside the Archiver's realm. She mentioned that the fabric could be die cut. That's not anything I'd thought of. Plus, as I thought a bit more I realized what big trend fabric is becoming. Not only have pubs like Sew Somerset been demonstrating the connection for the last year or so, but artist's like Donna Downey have had product lines combining the worlds of scrapbooking and fabric for some time now.

The Mercenary Perspective
Could I dare to hope that the trend was now getting into the retails like Archiver's? If so than it'll do my book tons of good, since it combines fabric, wire and papercrafting in several of the projects. Time will tell I suppose....

BTW- 12 minutes!!!
Ok- 16 after adding photos..... ;)

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