Thursday, November 11, 2010

Saying Hello with Fabric and Wire- Easy Greeting Card Tutorial

I had the opportunity to make a greeting card this morning and thought I'd snap a few photo's as I go. It really is quick, easy, and I think still has that handmade charm. Of course, you can vary your wire shape, you could vary the shape of your fabric pieces. You could throw in a little paper or a stamped image on the paper. You could shape your wire like a bird or leaf, and use Christmas of fall fabrics...You really can go all over the place from here, my more simple version here can just be your jumping off point. So take a look, and Enjoy!!
I Heart Easy- Greeting Card Tutorial
What you need:
A blank piece of paper (8 1/2"w. x 11"h.)
A few scraps of fabric, one square, one long and thin
A wire heart made of 16-gauge steel wire
Embroidery Floss
Uhu Glue stick

Step One: Fold your piece of paper in half to form a card that is 8 1/2"h. x 5 1/2"w. Then grab your glue stick and apply glue to the back of your fabrics.

Step Two: Stick fabric on front of card where desired. Press down and smooth flat for good adhesion.

Step Three: Position your heart on your card where you'd like it. Then, mark or hold down the heart and poke holes on either side of the wire on each side of the heart. So you're making a total of 4 poke holes. A good tip here is to stagger slightly your pokes by about 1/8" so that the paper is less likely to tear.

Step Four: Thread your needle with a piece of embroidery floss, knot one end of the floss, and then from the inside of the card insert your needle through one of your holes. Come up on the front side and then go down through the hole next to it. This will anchor your stitch somewhat.

Step Five: Then come up to the front from the back a second time and this time stitch over one side of your wire heart. Repeat a couple of times and then knot and trim the thread on the back side of the card.
Repeat steps four and five on the other side of your heart to securely stitch heart to paper.Then, write or stamp your greeting inside the card and Voila! A stitched, fabric and wire card that's both easy and super cute!


Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing this great tutorial Jen! :)

Anna said...

Excellent tutorial, and very cute card!

Jen @ By Jen ❤️ said...

I may just have to incorporate some wire into this year's Christmas cards =)

Heidi Boyd said...

What a great project - love it!