Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Any Excuse to Play

I haven't been playing much lately. It feels like there isn't time for anything extra. Still I know I need to make time to play with my art. If not, it starts to drag on me and I lose the passion I have for it.

Not long ago I volunteered to help with bulletin board projects in my son's classroom. Honestly, I thought this meant that the teacher gave you the supplies and a sketch and you stapled it all up according to her plan. Not a big deal- I can usually follow instructions (although a picture helps me lots). But what it actually entailed was coming up with the entire design/concept and then executing it. Again, a little more than I thought, but that's ok. But then I saw it at the bottom of the e-mail, "thank you for sharing your talents in this way." That got me.

Suddenly I saw this as a challenge, as a reflection of me. Now keep in mind that it's just a bulletin board but internally I was putting this up there with all the other big challenges I've had and I have to admit to being a little intimidated. Then I calmed down and realized this for what it was- an opportunity to play and an opportunity to share what I love with others.

So I went to the fabric store. Any excuse, right? I got some gorgeous warm yellows and oranges that gushed "thanksgiving" to me. Then I came home and cut the fabrics into scrap sizes and started to layer them onto the fusible interfacing (paper side down). My idea was to make patchwork style cornstalks with cobs that each child would write what they're most thankful to God on. Surrounded with fabrics, playing with patterns, I was suddenly conscious of enjoying myself immensely. Fabric is so much about color, texture, and patterns for me. Visiting a fabric store gives me the kid on Christmas eve feeling. I love it. It's all the raw material to create with.

Layer fabric scraps onto fusible interfacing and iron flat

To cover any holes I had I cut some small fused pieces, peeled off the paper backing, and laid them vertically across holes

Layering creates a patchwork effect and then I ironed the pieces to fuse them in place

To complete, cut into desired sized shapes or strips as shown

The bulletin board turned out well. I had a little trouble with the execution and cut my background paper too small. twice. but I managed to patch it the second time and put a cornstalk over the seam. The kids answers were so cute, and best of all I played.


Stina Glaas said...

I totally agree - we have to play and just have fun. And experimentation, mistakes and failures will take us one step further if we see them as challenges.

Yes, the boots are cute. I just still don't know if I chose the right size. :-S

Unknown said...

I ADORE making bulletin boards! It is one of my all-time favorite things to do... so much fun! I don't think I'd be a very good teacher, but I would totally think about it just for the bulletin boards :)

Single Stone Studios said...

This is SO cute! I just love the corn stalks. You are genius! I'm happy you got ot play too. Playing is fun and necessary....and fun :)

Jen @ By Jen ❤️ said...

This is such a neat idea!!!