Monday, November 15, 2010

An Eventful Weekend

It was an eventful weekend to be sure! On Friday I was able to go pick up the fresh flowers for my Sunday event. Gorgeous, amazing, beautiful flowers, it's always a treat to pick them out. The wholesaler I get them at is in downtown Minneapolis, I live in a suburb so it's just a bit of a trip. Then I took them over to church and stripped the leaves, prepped the flowers, got them in buckets of water, etc. That done, I went home and made sure I had everything I needed for the next morning. Piece of cake. ;)

When I woke up Saturday morning my first thought as I looked out the window, was "wow- am I glad I don't have to go downtown today". In the night it had started to snow and we had inches of the white stuff covering everything. It was such a heavy, wet snow, that it bent over the branches of smaller trees and shrubs. Everything looked as if it was bowing down. And white. So white. Such a transformation from earlier in the week. On the Monday prior my son wore shorts to school and played outside for almost two hours. Usually the interlude between fall and winter is a little more gradual.

It is Minnesota though, and we are pretty resigned to snow at this time of year so I got in the car and headed out into it. I had flowers waiting. :) It took a while to get to church, we live 15 miles or so away, and without plows or sand it took almost an hour to get there. There were a lot of spin outs, many cars in the ditches, a semi that was jack knifed- all the usual. Winter had definitely returned. :)By the time I left church, later that day though, the plows had been out, the roads were sanded, and the driving was good.

The flowers turned out beautiful, I was lucky enough to have a friend come over and help, which made it even more fun, and they looked so beautiful on the tables Sunday. I really enjoyed being able to play with them again, it's been a little while. Then, Sunday afternoon, the interlude over, it was back to my wire and fabric as I get ready for the Handmade MN show this weekend.


scrapwordsmom said...

You are so brave. I would NEVER drive in that stuff!! I mean I have before but it scares me to death:)

Gorgeous flowers...I know everyone appreciated your effort!!

Shelby and Bev said...

ah yes, this looks sis lives in savage, and sat. morning i had a picture on my phone from her, looked much like yours!
how nice to be working with flowers...i always have liked arranging flowers, whether bought from the store, or picked from the yard...lovely!

Unknown said...

I received my book today! Such a cute package ! I am ready to go on a trip and will have something inspiring to read in the car. Thank you so much! Good luck with your book.

Anna said...

Yuck. Too early for snow! It's not even Thanksgiving yet! Do you remember the Halloween blizzard? We were trapped in our house for 2 days before the plows could get us out.

Gorgeous flower arrangements!

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Gorgeous flowers and WOW to that snowfall. Its still so warm and autumnal here in NYC. Hope you are snuggled up warm after all your creating. :-)