Monday, March 7, 2011

My Art Saves Story on Crescendoh!!!!!

I'm super excited to share with you that a few months or so ago that the fabulous and amazing Jenny Doh, of Crescendoh, contacted me to share my Art Saves story as a guest curator on that site. I was in the middle of last minute Christmas shopping when my phone pinged me and I checked my e-mail. Now I could try and play it cool with y'all and let you think I was just mildly excited- but that's not me. I like to share it ALL with you. So I feel safe in telling you that my jaw actually dropped and I immediately contacted a friend and my husband with the "you won't believe it" message. My friend totally flipped and got it right away, my husband- well, lets just say after I explained who this amazing person was, what she had asked me to do, and what her website was, AND after spelling out why this was SO SO cool; then he was excited for me too. :)

I e-mailed Jenny back immediately with a "yes" I'd love to, then got back to my Christmas shopping. Two months later and the deadline for my story was approaching and I was just getting to work on it. I thought it'd be no problem, an easy write and it would have been had I just whipped out a pithy little story. But after reading several other curator's stories I realized I wanted to be authentic. I wanted to share my WHOLE story. With you here at the blog, I've gotten used to sharing things, but I still censor myself sometimes. I figure you don't need me elaborating about how depressed I was this week, and really only comment about my depression if it's obviously imparing my ability to relate to you through e-mails, or blog posts. I want to be honest about why I'm not seeming myself but hate to reveal too much too.

It was only a short 10-15 years ago that I lost jobs because of my depression, that I lost relationships and was even denied health coverage. Depression is something that has lost a lot of stigma in the last decade but for those of you who have battled with it for longer then that you too probably experienced a lot of this. I learned to hide it, and when it got too bad I learned to hide- period. So my art saves story does let you know a bit more. It shares how I feel and how creating art has helped me put into perspective the truth about who I am. You see, depression not only attacks your self esteem and tells you that you're no good, or people would be better off without you. It also wreaks havoc in your day to day making you seem irresponsible, flippant, or uncaring. It confuses people because they think they know you but then you do something completely out of character.

ps here's a sneak at another piece I just finished:)

So please, I would love if all of you, who I feel know me better than most, would hop on over to Crescendoh and read this story. Because although it starts with depression it ends with a greater sense of self and purpose. It shares how Art Saves and is just a feel good kind of story that'll maybe make you think a little differently about your creativity as well. Then, throughout the week I'll be sharing the links I discovered in my blog hopping marathon two weeks ago. They're good one's and I'm excited to be able to share them. Some are tutorials, some are fabulous feel good essays, but they are all SO FUN!!! Happy Monday & Thank you. :)



Unknown said...

This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! You are an amazing artist and a great friend. I feel blessed to know you.

Jen @ By Jen ❤️ said...


I agree that it is hard to share everything. So thank you so much for sharing yourself here and on Crescendoh. I just love reading your blog and watching your journey (even if I do fall behind and don't visit as often as I'd like) ♥ ♥ ♥

miss lynn said...

i'm here from crescendoh,
and have to say, i
loved your
what a beautiful
testimony of God's
goodness and faithfulness!
love your she art project,