Friday, April 15, 2011

All the Goodness

Spring has sprung here, although rather reluctantly. It's grey here today but as I look out my window I can see green. That in itself feels amazing. After months and months of the biggest snow year we've had since I was a kid it feels a little unsettling to drive around a corner yet without inching out because you can't see around the huge piles of snow. Our driveway seems twice as wide as it did, and the best thing? When I look up from writing this I can see daffodils blooming and I know that in the front yard my forsythia bush is starting to bloom. That seems so good to me. So today I thought I'd share some more of the goodness I've found these last few days-
First, I have to let you know about the super sweet and really well written review of my book published by Hanna of ihanna. She is an amazing blogger and does fabulous book reviews, I sent her one of my books a little while ago hoping she'd take a look and I was so excited to see her review of it. While you're over at her blog check out some of her projects and her etsy shop. I love everything she does and feel so grateful that she took the time to read through my book and write such an amazing review. THANK YOU Hanna!!!!

More goodness-
 After a couple of weeks of thinking about it my husband surprised me this week by telling me to go get an ipad2 for an early anniversary present. It is a family ipad and I had to laugh because when they were setting it up at the store the apple guy asked if I knew anything about it. I told him my husband had me watch Steve Jobs' keynote about it a few weeks earlier. "The WHOLE keynote?" he said. I said "yup- all two hours" and apparently that was more then a sufficient introduction because he didn't have anything more to tell me. It's our first ipad and it's been super fun discovering apps like flipboard that let me peruse sites, facebook status's, and blogs in a magazine format. Above you can see what my birdfromawire facebook site looks like on it. Super cool! I'm really excited to play around with imovie and some of the other photography and video apps. I'll keep you updated on what I find. Lots of goodness there.

Finally, I'm just feeling so grateful for you. You are some of the best goodness in my life and I love getting your comments. It completely makes this blog worthwhile when I read that a post really connected with your life in some way. Thank you SO SO MUCH!!!


Anonymous said...
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iHanna said...

Thanks right back Jennifer! Wanna know what I created yesterday? My first wire+fabric flower! I'm so proud, and I think it is beautiful though I haven't taken a photo of it yet. :-) Would be a great gift decoration for a wrapped package... or just as is standing on the window sill.

Take care!

liberal sprinkles said...

Hello, I found you via Hanna's post. Your book looks wonderful, I'm going to check it out. I love all the cool things I'm seeing here at your blog too so I'm now following.
Have a great day!