Wednesday, May 23, 2012

All in A Few Week's Time....

My New Fabric :)

Wow- Seriously the months just keep getting away from me. This is a busy one however, we have several family birthdays (including mine), Mother's Day, Article Deadlines, End of the School Year Events, an art/craft fair, and then there's my Art 2 Heart work! That has to be the most rewarding right now. Last week I was able to meet with a group of people who are working with a group of women in India, helping them transition from horrible life experiences to a new life. Then, that same week I was able to meet with a representative of the Mostacillo's de Fe (Beads of Faith) group that Art 2 Heart is helping get off the ground in Flores de Villa, Peru. From both I heard that they need western designers to come along side of them and help them develop products. They want so badly to earn money and when they spend their time creating they of course want it to sell. We were able to get one of our first orders for wire flowers from this group that we then attached to wire wreath frames and debuted them earlier this month. I am happy to say that one (nail biting for me) week later and they had all sold ( I don't even have a picture)!

My Birthday Present!!!
For my birthday my husband took the day off and took me to lunch downtown Mpls. at Brit's Pub. It was nice so we sat on the sidewalk and just enjoyed ourselves! THEN, he took me to Crafty Planet for my birthday surprise which was SURPRISE- I got to pick out fabric! So of course I stocked up on the Echino fabric I know I've raved to you about. I took a pic. Just in case you're curious.

I'm also hard at work on the pdf for my STITCHED class. I got a little slap happy the other night and in an attempt to make the basics of wire interesting I wrote things up article style with captions like "Getting Down and Dirty...(i.e. tips for how to deal with the oil on the wire), and "It's Finisimo" for the information regarding the wire's black finish. So having some fun with that.
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The other thing I've got going is a fun announcement, but you'll find my work in both the new Altered Couture and the soon to be released SEW Somerset. I'd love to have you check it out!!! 

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Heidi and Jason said...

Very cool Jen! I LOVE the pillow!