Thursday, May 24, 2012

What a Deal! Get STITCHED for Half the Cost!!!

So yesterday I received an e-mail from the amazing Alma Stoller of STITCHED. In honor of her birthday and because we're half way through the year, she is dropping the enrollment fee for STITCHED to just $40!!! That means that you save $49 from the original enrollment cost. For those who don't know about STITCHED you can read this post all about how I have my very first video workshop premiering in a couple of weeks on STITCHED. It's really a fabulous concept and I bet a whole bunch of you were really tempted a few weeks ago when I mentioned all the amazing instructors and all the fabulous workshops you would have access to. So think about it... but not too much. I'd just do it. :)

So Click here to view more details

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