Friday, June 1, 2012

And It's a GO!!!

Last night I was up til 1:30 loading videos to vimeo from imovie. First, I was amazed at how long it took. Who knew 7 videos would take all night? Second, I was kind of secretly impressed that I could do it. I'm not too techie and the fact that imovie made the editing process easy enough for me to work is seriously amazing.

How To Make A Patchwork Sun and How to Paint Wire
I finally went to bed and finished loading the last video this morning. JUNE 1st. That was my deadline and I JUST made it. Yay! The videos really did turn out great and I had a ton of fun making them. As always I wanted to make sure there was a ton of technique heavy content so in addition to the things you need to know to make the mobile I added in extra's wherever I could. I even pulled out the beads and show you how to wrap your wire butterfly with beads (a technique I used to make the cool pendants in my shop). I really want you to know what the possibilities are when combining wire and fabric to make mixed media art. I also get REALLY in depth on how to make and shape wire flowers. If  you've ever wanted to try making flowers like the one's I've published in Cloth Paper Scissors and Sew Somerset this walks you through step by step.

Layering fabrics, adding embellishments
Just now I was looking at the workshop site and realized that I did something I would have told you a year or two ago there was no way I could. Sometimes God sends us those very opportunities that we say "never" to and points and says "go". And we go. And wonder of wonder's it turns out REALLY COOL! So I'm grateful today that Alma Stoller gave me this opportunity and I'm grateful to those of you who have taken the leap with me and signed up for what I know will be an experience you'll really enjoy. 

Wire Flower 101
Always when I do something I want to inspire. Thinking today about all the things on my to do list, the things that allow me to hang out with cool people like you, whether online or in person, and encourage you- those things are at the top of my want to do list as well. Teaching, writing for magazines, this blog, all give me this chance. I hope that you do feel encouraged to try something new, to do something you never thought you could, to dare to dream audaciously. All these things I wish for you. 

BUT- now I get to make the official announcement...

part of STITCHED 2012 group of video workshops 


Sequana said...

Oh yea! I was looking around there earlier. I have wire ordered, I have your book (which I love) and all I need now is to *watch* those videos. This will be fun.

Nicole Maki said...


Good for you for being able to film, edit and upload your class.

I can only imagine all the hours went into it.

Thank you!