Thursday, November 15, 2012

Making Snow Scene Jars

Whilst I've been working merrily on the poinsettia projects (putting them on wreaths, tweaking, making wire words etc.) I've been fitting in some of the fun Christmas projects that have been swirling around in my head like a little snowstorm. One of these are the cute snow scene jars I've run into on etsy, pinterest, etc. I found a link to a tutorial on Rhonna Farrer's blog which you should really hop over and see, but I've also stepped it out here for you as well. :) Cause it's fun.

Snow Scene Jars- Shaken and 
Stirred Glittery Fun
So disclaimer, I had my son help me with this project. I was shamed into it by a friend who crafts with her daughters all the time. Never mind that they're a minimum of 3 years older then Jasper who's seven. Never mind that they're sweet creative souls, and my son is well, a boy; I thought it was a dandy plan. So last Sunday after a quickie trip to Jo Ann's for some glitter, and mason jars we were set. Here's the supply list, we had much of it at home already.

Tools and Material List
Glass jars (we used different sizes but I decided I liked the wide mouth jars best bc of the proportion when tipped upside down)
Fake snow/batting tuffs
Little woodland or arctic animals (check your local bakery for the cupcake picks or buy one of the forest or arctic animal toobs from the craft store- we had a huge container already.)
Bottle brush trees (BIG hint but these are cheapest at Home Depot- $6.97 a 21 pack vs. $19 at craft stores)
Little twigs, rocks or other natural elements
Hot glue gun with ammunition
Surface to hot glue on
Some little bits to create height, little sewing spools, glass pebbles, corks, etc.
optional: Paint and brush for lid of jar or to paint decorative items like twigs. Glitter paint is fun on animals too!

Step One: Gather all supplies and clear a surface to create on. I put down a craft mat and was super glad I did. Everything peels off those and their heat resistant.

Step Two: Unscrew lid from jar and on inside, hot glue in center of lid, your spools, corks, pebbles whatever to create height you want. The higher the trees and animals are raised up the more snow you have to add to hide that area. But the more they're raised the closer to eye level they are and it looks like big snowy drifts which is cool. You can also tuck in tufts of batting to hide spools and corks.

Step Three: Hot glue tree, animal, igloo, whatever you have on top of height creating items.Make sure it all fits within circumference of lid top. If you'd like to paint, or glitter your items do that before gluing them in place.


Step Four: This is the step your boy will like so much they won't want to help with any of the rest of it from now on- just this part. (This is also the part your husband might walk in, notice the glitter, the hot glue cords stretched to the table, and the seven year old shaking lots and lots of glitter, some of it into a jar. Don't worry your husband will probably get that deer in the headlights look, spin around and head back to his office until dinner). In jar, add fake snow, toss in a couple of shakes of glitter if you'd like, and gently insert decorations into jar and screw lid tightly down. Now, if you're lucky you have just enough snow. If you're more trial and error (or distracted by your child), you'll have too much or too little. Don't take everything out and off, just invert jar so it's right side up and unscrew top. Pull open enough to shake out some excess snow or to add more. Then screw tight again, and invert. At this point I also decided I wanted to paint my lids so I did it with them all ready assembled. But I'd probably recommend doing this at the beginning. They'd look really good glittered too I'd think.

Can you see the giddy boy glee as he shakes?
Step Five: Make lots more. Looking at his old box of animal toys my son's decided we need a killer whale snow scene, a cow snow scene, and a manatee snow . Yup. Display and Enjoy!!!! Oh, and clean up isn't nearly as bad as you'd think. ;)

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Unknown said...

This is soooo COOL!!! I am going to make one for sure with the pickle jar I have. Love it!