Friday, June 5, 2009

Hope Dream Soar- Work in Progress Update

Here's a before - and during photo of the mixed media piece I showed you last post. I was able to sit down with it a little this afternoon and fix to the canvas some of the items. I also added the third bird and did a little bit of chaos beading to the fabric scrap. It's funny about that scrap. It totally had to be there but it's one of those decisions that don't really have a sound reason behind them. When I visualized the completed piece it was there. When I took it off the piece didn't feel right to me. As a design element I'm kind of fuzzy why I want it there but I'm going to go with it. The beading on it is another one of those decisions.

Over the last year I've been paying attention to all the little inspirations it takes to create a work of art. Besides the overall "vision" of the piece which usually motivates me to start on a work there are all the little inspirations that happen along the way. A little bit of colored pencil here, a bit of fabric there. Sometimes the inspiration comes and then I act on it. Sometimes it just happens. My hand starts to color a bit here but then continues on its own to add a little more to another spot as well. I've noticed the more I do art the more intuitive the process becomes. Not to say there aren't a lot of conscious decisions but a lot of the big design elements just come to me now. I've learned to do things without really knowing why.

Years and years and centuries ago the Greeks believed muses came to them when called upon and "inspired" them. I believe it's God. As the Great Creator he made us all in his image and part of that inheritance is the ability to create. Learning to follow the Creative Spirit when it's there has been a journey but I'm starting to trust it more and more. Sometimes I'll act on an inspiration only to feel it's not right after. Rather than questioning the original "rightness" of the inspiration I'm starting to learn that those "wrong turns" are sometimes the exact direction I need to go so that I can get to the place I need to be to find my way.

For instance, you might be driving to the sea. Following your intuition and taking a turn into the mountains might not seem to be the best idea. In fact that turn into the mountains actually does lead you further from the sea. But by climbing the mountain you gain the vantage point that enables you to view the sea and the right road leading to it. The correct direction is now clear to you but only because you went the wrong way. Make sense?

Just some thoughts I've had on how inspiration might work that I thought I'd share. :) Now here's the updated piece. I think I'm going to add a distressed looking clock face below the white bird along the left side of the piece yet. I'm also going to add a little locked heart charm to dangle from the beak of the flying bird. I thought that would go well with the key the other bird holds. That will take a trip to the Bead Monkey which may or may not happen tomorrow though. I'm going to the Edina Art Fair with a friend!

Hope you all have a wonderful Saturday!!!

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