Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Soul Homes

I call them soul homes because I don't know how else to describe that connection that we feel to some places. They aren't home but we feel each time we return that we've come home. I feel this way about Glacier, the North Shore in Minnesota, and Yosemite. Italy came close and I think were I ever to visit again I'd have that same feeling. If I believed in reincarnation it would make sense- this home-coming feel but I don't and so I'm at a loss. It's as if we were formed of the soil there and the place itself has knit itself to our being. Do you ever feel it? My husband grew up in North Dakota and I know he feels it whenever he's in the prairies which makes sense, but he feels it standing on the shoreline of Lake Superior as well.

Glacier I love because it has everything beautiful in nature but ocean. It's as if God went crazy with the glory in this one spot on earth. Waterfalls, glaciers, wildflowers, mountains, it's all here. Years ago I went to Rome and remember walking through the Vatican museum at first loving it but after awhile you become almost numb as if you've completely saturated your system and can't possibly absorb anything more. Glacier gives me the same acute feeling. Driving the Going to the Sun Road is one pinnacle experience after another. It's like a crescendo or the finale of a fireworks display. You keep thinking it can't possibly continue and yet it does. Waterfall, glacier, crescent, glory after glory. The views are lovely but the smell of the cedars is itself an experience to treasure. When I create art I wish I could capture the senses like nature can. I love it.

We were only there for two days. One day on the east side of the park, and one day on the west. But it was an amazing experience. We stayed at the Hidden Moose Lodge in Whitefish and ate Grand Marnier French toast with fresh berries for breakfast and sipped wine in a huge great room at night. So just a brief sojourn but I really couldn't recommend it too highly for any who in their heart need to go home.


sarah said...

sounds like great fun, and what wonderful pictures!

Jen said...

Thanks Sarah!