Friday, June 5, 2009

Mixed Media Work in Progress

Glancing through my recent posts lately I realized how few of the projects I've been working on lately I've actually shared with you. So here's a run-down. In the last few weeks I've...

- been playing with creating my own little bezels out of coiled wire. I want to be able to make some little charms that have a similar look to the art charms that have the resin coating but don't want to pay the $5 per little bezel. Cheapness sometimes being the mother of invention I've started to play around with ways to make my own. Not having a ton of success there yet.

- been inspired by the hand stamping some artists are doing now and decided to carve a couple of my own.

-started to play around with stiffening fabric so I can form it around shapes and then use it to stitch to my wire forms.

-stacked buttons and made cute little magnets from them.

- continued to play around with my wire words.

-made a really big version of my scribble heart for a customer. Using wire garbage bag ties to keep the shape while I start to wrap and weave it to add dimension turned out to be a great way to work on a larger scale.

- made a whole bunch of little garden stakes for another etsy customer- and a couple for myself too!

- worked on a cute little mini art quilt.

- started a mixed media piece using some decals a friend sent. :)

AND I've been doing a bunch of writing!

I absolutely LOVE that it is actually my job to have all this fun!!!


Single Stone Studios said...

FAB work Jen! As always! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wire bezel. And there's just something SO eye catching about those decals ;) LOL

Jen said...

Your false modesty just overwhelms me sometimes!!!LOL

Not to say they aren't fabulous....they totally make the piece! I had the most amazing designer work them up.

Thanks again!!!! :)