Monday, March 29, 2010

Wall Flowers- New Art in Etsy Shop!!!

I had an idea a while back for a line of home decor accents called wall flowers. Little whimsical flowers you could buy in a set and then arrange to hang around a special photograph or art. They would hang simply- with just a finishing nail and add a sense of sweetness, uniqueness and of course- WHIMSY to your home decorating.

Sometimes when we have ideas and we envision something the reality just isn't the same. When I finished hanging these little blooms on my wall this morning and stepped back, I was so pleased with the result. They're sweet little embellishments and are just the right size to really accent the space. They really do add to the arrangement of photos and art I have them interspersed around.

Another first for my shop, I'm offering them with the option of finishes. They are available in the original anodized black, a rust color, and a vintage distressed cream. I'm envisioning the flowers in cream arranged over a little girls' bed, maybe around her first initial. So sweet!

So if you've been searching for that special element to add interest and that handmade touch to your home then consider these little wall embellishments. I'd love to have you head on over to the shop and take a look and then, have a lovely day!!