Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Holiday Photo Experience

Feeling under the weather today but still wanted to do a little show and tell so I've a couple of pics to post. Yesterday my son and I went to get our pictures taken at a photo studio. My mom had asked for a studio portrait of my son and with a coupon there was no reason to say no. So Jasper and I headed over to the photo studio after school. He looked so cute with his little Christmas outfit on. And he did everything the photographer told him to. If she said put your chin up, he aimed it for the ceiling. If she said lay on your tummy he went all commando flat on the ground. She said to peek over the edge of the chair and you could see his eyebrows and that's it. I kept asking him what was going on. I had anticipated this easy afternoon, after all he's almost 6. But, no. I have no idea what got into him. Maybe it was that she was pretty. Maybe it's that he had too much sugar. I asked him why he was being so silly and he said it was "what made him special." THAT reply through shivers down my spine. If he thought that behavior was "him" then I'm afraid I, and a whole boatload of teachers through the years, are really going to regret that "specialness." So after much cajoling, bribing, and lecturing, we got the session done. The photo's are great and he looks like an angel in all but one. There is one where he has all the mischievousness of his age showing in his stance, his eyes, and his look. It does show his "specialness" and I do have to admit- that's the picture I like the best.

Then last night we worked a bit more on decorating the tree. A friend recommended the hipstamatic app for the iphone so I splurged on the $1.99 and played around some with that while we were decorating. I really do enjoy taking photo's with my phone. Our camera died a couple of weeks ago though, and the camera phone just doesn't do as nice a job with my etsy photo's so I've put a new camera at the very top of my "please, santa" list this year. It's actually the only thing there so I'm hoping I've been good enough. :)

What have you asked for this Christmas? I could use a few more ideas.... :)


Cre8tiveQueen said...

Oh Art supplies-Oh Art Supplies how do I dream of thee?! And hoping for a pair of snowshoes!

Unknown said...

I asked for wood... for my hubby to make me shelves. I saw it in the garage, so I think I scored :)

Also, not your son's fault... there are lots of ways to get great pics of a kid that age, celebrating what makes them special :) Unfortunately, the boxed-mall photo places... um... well, they usually lack training. That's all I'll say about that :)

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Well Jen, you're not alone! My Noah acts that very same way during photos. It seems to be the age. He'll be 6 in October and you'd think he's the king of the world. He bosses his little brother around, nicely of course, and loses his hearing at some very opportune times. Boys will be boys!

On my Christmas wish list is a Flex Shaft for my metalsmith work.