Monday, December 6, 2010

Wrapping Up Some Works in Progress

Whoo- Hoo! Am I ever glad to be back here with you all. I had a busy weekend, with my second/last craft show of the season on Saturday. It was a great little show, only 15 vendors at this super cool coffee shop/studio space near where I live. I really enjoy being able to interact a bit more with people and to talk about my work with them. One thing that has become HUGELY clear is that I do a lot better at selling my book than I do my artwork in this kind of face to face venue. I think it's because if I sense someone's interested in knowing how to do wire work, then I get all animated and excited and can't wait to answer any questions they have about the medium. I do love wire. And I do have a wee bit of a fabric obsession, so it really feels natural and exciting to share my love of these through the book, and I think people sense that.

At the sale I was able to use my downtime pretty productively and finished a cuff and a couple of more stars for the garland. So now I can give you an idea of what it would look like hanging in front of a window. I also got started on a scarf I'm knitting for my son. It's beautiful painted looking yarn that made up wonderfully. I have that blocking right now. Now on to some cleaning and then we're going to do some decorating. I really haven't done much around the house yet, and my 5-yr.old just LOVES decorating so we're going to make that a priority this week.

How about you? Have you started/finished any creative projects lately? Have you been able to use those artistic abilities in your home yet? I'd love to know where you are all at and what you've been up to- so please, SHARE!!!


Theresa said...

Hi Jen,

I don't know if you remember me or not - I met you at the sale at Rush Creek studio and we chatted for a bit. I purchased the book and loved the bird candle holder you had created. We also discussed my love for the high school kids and my passion to teach. I was so inspired by your energy and creativity that I went out, purchased supplies that afternoon and have created some fantastic pieces for Christmas gifts! I made 2 bird on a nest candle holders, 4 flower and fabric key chains (with my daughter - she did the stitching of the fabric!) 2 coffee cup picture holders, 2 charm bracelets, and a cuff. I am having such a blast and I love the finished products because they are so unique and perfectly imperfect.

Thank you for inspiring me and for the opportunity to express my creativity during this beautiful season. Many blessings to you!


Jen said...

Hi Teresa! Of course I remember you! I thought it was so cool how you were so interested in teaching. It's not an easy job and I am always so impressed with anyone who wants to take it on. Thank you SO MUCH for telling me that you did all those projects. I would write you back to tell you and not just here but I didn't see a link with your comment. So hopefully you'll check back. :) I really really do appreciate it!!!

Theresa Anderson said...

Hi Jen,

Thanks for the message back! I am in a creative frenzy here. :) I'm making gifts for everyone - and having a great time doing so. Keep up the inspiration. I've bookmarked and will check back often for a creative spark when mine dims a bit. Thanks again! You're fabulous!