Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Gift Wrap on the Cheap

So I am sometimes impressed with myself. In a "wow- that turned out waaay cooler than I thought" sort of way. My Christmas gift wrapping this year is one of those things so I thought I'd share. I had some leftover fabric, some leftover brown paper, and some odds and ends that go with gift wrapping like pieces of tissue paper, and tape and all. I also had some brown paper bags I had bought for my Christmas sales that I had added a little bird cut out to. That looked cute, the fabric I had matched, so I went with it.

I also carved a Christmas candy stamp (like the one's I showed you how to make here before). Then I stamped my white tissue paper with the stamp and used it on my brown paper too. The brown paper is cheap- I got a huge roll of it in the painting section of the hardware store for less than $10. The fabric, you can buy at a quilt shop, it's Moda so not super cheap but you wouldn't have to buy lots. Really all of it I had on hand (yup more evidence of my Moda obsession). I love how you can take the same idea/materials and extend it to your mailers, your larger boxed presents, your smaller gifts, etc. They make my gifts all match and I think give all my gifts this year a really distinctive look that's very very me. :)

The tags were easy and fun to do so I thought I'd throw together a quick little how-to for you, I hope it sparks some handmade fun in your day too.

Brown Paper Christmas Tags How-To
Tools and Materials
Brown paper (you can use grocery bags) cut into tag shapes
Torn bits of vintage paper (from an old book or sheet music looks nice)
Scrap pieces of fabric cut into a strip roughly the same length as your tags
A glue stick
Crop-a-dile with eyelet

Step One: Using your glue stick, layer your torn pieces of paper and your fabric piece on top of the brown paper tag and adhere. If you want you can use a marker or pen to doodle around the edge of your tag first.
Step Two: Use your crop- a- dile to punch a hole at the end of your tag and then add an eyelet using the crimping feature on the crop-a-dile.
Step Three: Cut another small bit of the brown paper and add to top of your layers, then write your "to: ?" info for all to see.
Step Four: Cut a thin strip of your fabric and use to tie your tag to your gift. Super easy and super cute!

I'm off to do more packing and shipping and shopping and wrapping but wanted to wish you a Happy Merry Almost Christmas! Hope your day goes well too!


Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

Great tutorial, Jen! I really like how you layer the tags

Arianna Belle said...

Very creative! They turned out great! :)

Single Stone Studios said...

Love the hand stamped tissue..really adds a fun element to mix in. And Moda is always yummy!!!

Kelly said...

Those look great! I'm always looking for ideas to custom-decorate my packages. Love the tags too! Thanks for the inspiration!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

So, so cute Jen! That added touch makes such a huge difference. Love it!

Unknown said...

If my presents weren't wrapped yet, I would totally have you come and do them. You always amaze me in everything you do! Love the if I could only do it.