Sunday, January 16, 2011

Birthday Party Bliss

Ok- so I have to admit the truly blissful thing about the party is that it's over. Not because it was horrible- it was actually really wonderful. The kids all came, they all had a fabulous time, the few glitches didn't really matter, and we weren't completely exhausted at the end. All good things. Actually I couldn't have asked for much better. We were all excited the entire time we were at the Nature Center. Excitement is good. 

Here are a few of the fun projects I put together for the party:
1) Using my handy dandy new Cinch book binding machine (referred to here at home as the notebook maker) I made each kid a nature explorer journal. 

2) Then I used it again to make little flip books for the kids to stamp tracks into. The track stamps I carved from EZ cut blocks.
3) I also had fun little explorer bags for each child. I used the same technique to create the name patches as I did to create the panels for my Resolutions quilt in the book.The boys got red backgrounds and the girls got a pretty moda pattern. They were SO excited about having their own bags and they loved pulling out those nature journals. I'd also found some cheap mechanical pencils and flashlights, compasses, etc. Very fun- I like them. :)

So that was the Explorer Party! The kids also made animal track prints in plaster, touched a snake, and ate cupcakes. Which I have to say were a big hit even though they were dairy, wheat, gluten, and nut free. I think it helped that I piped big mounds of marshmallow frosting on top. Yum! They were not, alas, sugar free, so I only got one quickie bite. But really- it was a birthday party. :)

This week we're on vacation- it's the rest of Jasper's birthday present. Then it'll be back to work, the re-opening of my etsy shop for spring, a couple of fun surprises I can't wait to share with you, and all kinds of wonderful things. So see you soon!!!


Heidi and Jason said...

Looks like a very cool and fun party! I am glad it was such a great time. Have fun on your your trip!!

Unknown said...

The party looked like it was awesome. I'm still bummed we couldn't make it but after talking to your mom today, glad we didn't try to come. Have a great time on your trip and can't wait to see pictures and hear all about it!!

Stina Glaas said...

You know, this is the kind of party the other moms will hate you for. ;-) Hahaha!!! It looks amazing!! And I really understand that you are happy it is over. Our daughters last party was a halloween party and I was tired for two days afterwards. Somtimes we only have cake and balloons. But to make it a little more special we call it a "Classic Birthday Party" if any parents ask. ;-) Haha!!

I'm really looking forward to the re-opening of your shop! :-D


Rachel said...

Those are great favors! I think the best I'd ever get was a plastic noisemaker and some balloons. :'D
That binder looks fantastic, too!

Anna said...

I always guessed it, but now its official:

Yup, you're definitely one of the "cool moms!"

Well done with the party. I bet the kids will remember it for years to come.

Karen Wallace said...

Great party ideas. Warmly, karen