Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Post

Wow! In the two years I've been blogging I've never been this bad at getting posts out. I was thinking about why that is and I've come up with a couple of ideas.
-I had the art for two magazine articles and the articles to do.
-I got waaay too immersed in the projects for my son's birthday party.
-I now see blogging as my "fun" thing to do so I don't let myself do it until AFTER I get my work done.
-It's January and my seasonal affective disorder is in full swing. I feel bad about how reclusive I get but then I remember how much worse it was a few years ago. Six years ago I would curl up into a ball and not unwind myself til Spring. I thawed when the yard did. I think the Vitamin D I'm taking has helped a lot. So if you've e-mailed me and haven't heard back- I am so sorry. I try to make myself but honestly I haven't been on e-mail more then two minutes at a time all week.

So I'm trying to see this little hiatus as me once again, showing by example, for all that struggle to get their blog posts done; these things do happen. Life interferes, depression may kick in for one reason or another, you might be working with deadlines and have no time for anything else. Or you may already be doing the super mom thing and one more thing at the end of the night is more than you can handle. Sometimes it's a simple choice between pushing out one more thing or getting some sleep and hoping to start the day out fresh. I've been opting for the second one lately.

Right now the dishes are dirty, my table is a mess, I've notebooks stacked high, cute little bags in the works, two stitched cuffs to submit to Sew Somerset (yes the deadline is Saturday- they now have to go priority). And there are lego's right in the middle of it all because I promised my little boy that I wouldn't move them until he got home from school. So I'm going to stick some photo's in this post, clear up a bit of the mess, write the article proposal to go with the cuffs, package them up, refill my coffee, and hope to get it all done by 11. We'll see. :)

Can any of you relate? I know I've talked with a couple of you who go underground at this time of year as well. Are you struggling right now with all you have to do? How do you deal with it? I'd love to know. :)


Cre8tiveQueen said...

Ahhhh, the winter blues! They happen.
What to do?
* Yoga (gets you moving & warm)
* Meditate
* Set small goals... paint for 30 for minutes! Even when I don't feel like it.. otherwise I could waste the evenings away on the couch watching TV... easily!
* Get out there and get in on the fun! Go snowshoeing, go take pics, go for a walk or skiing if your talented like that!
* Lots of tea
* Get away for a weekend! A new enviroment always energizes me!
* Have a fire in the fireplace

Thinking about you! Have fun with your son's birthday party! We'll catch up soon... Art Night!

Single Stone Studios said...

Today I just had a good cry. I feel better. Then I painted a little and I'm going back downstairs to paint a little more.

Anna said...

I remember that well. We get much more sun in FL (an extra hour of daylight at this time of year) so mine doesn't get as bad anymore. I've found in addition to Vitamin D I also take a B complex which helps not only with depression, but anxiety as well. Hope your birthday party for the kiddo went well!