Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear Reader

I spent tonight writing an article for one of the mixed media magazines. It's supposed to be a 1000 words and I've got 800 with only the intro and tools and materials list. It's so easy for me to write. I can go on and on and in fact when I write a blog post I end up editing out half of it before I click publish. You don't want to read that much. Trust me. Sometimes though I finish a post and in reading it found I was sharing something I didn't feel comfortable sharing. Sometimes I'm just not ready. Sometimes the story I'm telling isn't my own to tell. So I edit. 

Sometimes though I'll finish a post and publish without changing a thing. Those posts pour out of me direct from my heart. I'm so excited or determined to share something I believe with you. Some message I know some of you will read and relate to. I love getting your e-mails and comments that tell me a little of how a particular post really hit home with you today. It's truly a wonderful venue. I love being able to write something and know that within moments of  clicking "publish" anyone from as far as Sweden or Malaysia or Australia can read that message. I can't control who reads these posts, but I trust that when I write something heartfelt that the right people will be reading that day or will later stumble upon it just when they needed it's message the most.

I love writing all the other types of posts too. The one's I write on days I feel clever or humorous. The posts I write that just tell you where I'm at and wonder if any of you are there too. I especially love hearing you encourage others in your comments or being SO SO sweet and encouraging me. Thank you for that generosity. I have to admit that when I started this blog it was to begin building a group that I could later tell about my book. But you've become so much more. So what began as a simple post about editing has become a letter to you, reader, and will end with my thanks to you. Thank you for reading. I appreciate it so very very much.


Single Stone Studios said...

I admire the way words come to you. When I write I struggle for each one. But over the last couple of years I have come to love writing and it is getting easier. That's good 'cause when we write that book together I'll need to be able to pull my weight :)

Jen @ By Jen ❤️ said...

I love reading your blog, as well your book. Your writing is from the heart and that's wonderful to read. Thank you for your writing =)

Shelby and Bev said...

i love how you write whatever is on your heart and mind, that's the only way to be...just be you!

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

I've just discovered your blog today, and just like you say your post is just perfect for me right now. I too love writing from the heart and letting the words pour out. It doesn't always happen that way for me either. I also love all the other posts I put together. Blogging is such a joy in my life. I love the creativity of it, I love the connection with other creative souls and I love the opportunity it creates to build community.

So lovely to discover your space today.

Irma said...

Hi Jen,
I've followed you here from Sew Sommerset. I LOVED your piece 'Maker and Beholder quilt'. I primarly work with paper, but can never resist inc. fiber and fabric. Your work inspires me and I'll be following you ;)

Jen said...

Welcome to Art as Usual girls!!! I really appreciate the comments and I of course, LOVE new readers! thank you. :)