Monday, February 14, 2011

Clay and Wire Flying Heart Pendant Tutorial

Just to spread a little extra love today I put together this little clay and wire pendant tutorial for you. I hope you enjoy it and Happy Valentine's Day!!!

 Heart with Wings Pendant Tutorial

Tools and Materials:
For Wire Wrap:
-16-gauge steel wire
- Heavy duty wire cutters
-Needle nose pliers (optional)
For Clay steps:
-Polymer clay in two contrasting colors: I used Studio by Sculpey in a peacock blue and a red
- Little flying heart stamp or mini wings stamped.
-White acrylic glaze: you can use fluid acrylics or acrylic with a little glaze mixed in. I used Studio by Sculpey antiquing medium since I had some on hand.
- Acrylic clay roller: You can sub anything round and non stick here. I've used the glass tube my vanilla beans came in for years.
- Stylus: Again, anything sort of sharp can be subbed here. I've started using this because it has the sharp end and I can use the handle to roll the clay smooth.
- Rubber paintbrush (optional) for smoothing clay
- Silicon baking mat (only used for clay) or a teflon craft mat and bakingpan
- Oven: ideally a little oven just for baking clay but your kitchen one will do.
- Paper towels

 Step One: About 3" from end of wire make a small loop. Then make a quick bend down and form wire into a square-ish shape. Wrap wire around twice and then cut wire.

Step Two: Break off 3-4 squares of the blue and "condition" the clay by rolling it, smooshing it over, kneading it a bit, then rolling and smooshing it again. Continue until clay is soft and malleable.

Step Three: Form clay into a squareish shape a little bit bigger than your wire form. Press your wire form into the clay.

 Step Four: Firmly press stamp into clay. Use rubber paintbrush to smooth out marks you don't want.

Step Five: Tear off a small piece of red clay and condition as above. Form into a tiny little heart. Press into place and then use stylus to write "love" into cay and then add any scratches or marks you'd like to see.

Step Six: Bake as directed by manufacturer. I do bake mine for a little less time then recommended and then turn off the oven. I leave the tray in the oven as they cool, keeping the oven door shut.

Step Seven: Using a rag or paper towel rub paint into recessed areas and stamped areas. Then using a clean part of the rag wipe across the top surface of your pendant cleaning off the paint. If desired seal with a clear acrylic medium. Add a jump ring, and a bit of ribbon and you've got your own little flying heart necklace. You can see the finished pendant at the top of this page. Have a wonderful day, and I'm wishing you all love today!!!


kat @ withachanceof said...

I love trying new DIY experiments and this is so going on my list! Thank you for sharing!!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Mary said...

oh i love this...

Mary said...

any thoughts about putting a few in your etsy shop??

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

LOVE it! I would SO use this in my jewelry!

Sacred Yoli said...

Inspiring! Great tutorial!

Stina Glaas said...

I kind of followed the tutorial (and the one in the book). Here is one of the necklaces i am making (not finished yet):

I hop you will have a great weekend!! :-)