Monday, February 28, 2011


They're not valid reasons... They feel super important...but they're not- they're excuses.

I had to laugh at myself today as I started thinking about all the excuses I come up with. Nothing like "She can't trust anymore... she was mentally incapacitated... she was one-handed and blind..."

Nope. The first things that came to mind as reasons for not trying or dreaming or pursuing something really go more like....
I don't know what we're having for supper.
I just cleaned up the table
I should really put my time towards a work out or running errands
There's so much laundry to do
You have no more money
There's no trim around your windows
Wasn't it three days ago that you last showered?
The rug has adhered itself onto the floor, might be time to clean that
I can't find my art supplies because my studio is such a mess
I don't actually want to go into the studio now because it'll just overwhelm me
I'll work after I clean it up first
I feel so uninspired
I feel in need of coffee first
Wasn't there a package to mail?
I forgot to send thank you cards and the party was a month ago

Don't get me wrong, I found other more "typical" excuses applied to me as well. Things we tell ourselves like...
You're not pretty enough or thin enough or confident enough
You didn't finish college
You might sound dumb because you don't know something
You get depressed and hide sometimes
There are people who are more qualified
Maybe you're just fooling yourself
No one will understand you
No one will "get" your art
No one will pay for _____
Any day now you'll fall flat and not be able to get up
You're not strong enough....
You probably don't have what it really takes to make it
It's not worth the time and energy it take to put yourself out there
You're taking time away from your family

I know you've probably got your list too and some of your reasons might be far more valid then mine. But they're still excuses. Things we tell ourselves so that we don't have to feel bad about not trying or dreaming or stretching out. They're walls we put up ourselves so we can claim the way is blocked. What are your excuses? Do you listen or do you believe and try anyways? It can feel selfish to spend the afternoon creating instead of planning menus for the week, or washing your kids' bedding. But I know how depleted I get if I don't allow myself that time. It's necessary for me to create and to create is necessary for my soul. So here's to no excuses.....

ps- I was just at a friend's blog and she had a perfect answer to this today. I love it when that happens! Thanks Shelley!


Sherry said...

wonderful! you've given me pause to think!

Cristi Baxter Clothier said...

This is my most used excuse, I don't actually want to go into the studio now because it'll just overwhelm me. Overwhelmed is exactly how I feel these days. In the studio and out.

Louise Gale "Dream-Inspire-Create" said...

Oh my! yes, too many excuses for EVERYTHING - I feel it. I just swap them around each day and I eventually get around to everything! lol

Anonymous said...

Some of these make me want to cry! I think you're incredibly beautiful, (especially on the inside where it counts the most!), talented, my goodness you're so're a wonderful can't help the trim around the windows but I bet if you asked your dad he'd be glad to work on it with Jeremy......should I go on, Jennifer? And moms opinions DO count....A LOT!