Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sign Me Up

I don't know if I've actually mentioned it but I've been taking the Soul Restorations online class taught by Melody Ross. I registered for it just a day before registration actually closed, it was a total last minute decision that was the result of a dream I had (in the dream I'd missed registration and really really regretted it). I knew I wouldn't be able to start until it was already a couple of weeks in, but I decided I needed a reason to take some time to refuel. So I purchased the class as a tool to motivate me to refocus my attention inward for a while. It's worked great. There are fabulous videos, a super fun curriculum, and I love the projects I've done as a part of the class. It's also focused my journaling which has really helped me get in touch with how I feel about life right now, my art, my goals, and has helped me figure out what I'm really willing to put my energy into.
I would highly recommend it. People I know will just randomly come to mind as I work through a lesson and I'll think "if only they knew this", or "if only they could experience this". It just really hits home in a lot of ways.

Soul Restorations is the second online course I've taken. The first was Kelly Rae Roberts' Flying Lessons which is another I really enjoyed and felt was well worth my time and money. I know many of you are constantly taking online courses but it's something I just didn't know much about and felt pretty trepiditious about. But after these two experiences I'm excited to keep going. Then a friend mentioned a class that begins at the end of the month that she and another friend had signed up for. It's called The She Art Workshop by Christy Tomlinson. I had never heard of her or the class but jumped onto her website to take a look and fell in love- hard- with Christy's art. So whereas the first class I took was fabulous for it's information about the business of art, the second class is great because of how it's refocused me, this third one just looks like fun. So I think I'll do this too.

I was hoping that a few of you had some killer courses you'd like to recommend as well. It's fun to find out what's out there. I also know of something super cool that's just debuting that will act as a clearing house of sorts for all the fun e-courses out there.
To quote , "The FEEL GOOD DEAL OF THE DAY arrives in your inbox each weekday morning, alerting you to sweet savings on creative, artistic, soul-stirring, spirit-lifting products and programs. Created and delivered with love by [Liv Lane of]" So check it out, and if you have anything to cue us in on, please leave a comment!

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