Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cream and Red Very Vintage Wreath Tutorial

So it's kind of funny- I haven't been a good blogger for quite a while now but I keep taking pics like I am. So every project I think you might be interested in I step out as I do it. My hearts here, it's just the rest of my life that conflicts. Anyways, I made this wreath before Christmas but I think it's something that fits better now, at this time of the year. Very Valentine's-y Enjoy!!!

Step One: Gather materials and tools. I used a straw wreath form, strips of heavy muslin, vintage and found buttons, some vintage trim, a glue gun (with extra glue sticks), and a scissor. 
 Step Two: With your strips of the muslin, wrap your wreath form. If you want to put a dab of glue where it first overlaps you can. I wouldn't advise gluing to the wreath unless you removed the plastic covering the straw. I didn't.
 Step Three: (Step 2 1/2 should be hit your local thrift shops for some vintage tablecloths, dresser scarves, etc.) Step Three resumes with cut apart the vintage linens you have. Just randomly in pieces that would wrap over the wreath frame but not necessarily around it. Why waste material where you can't see it- right? Hot glue these to the covered wreath frame. A few dabs at the edges should do it.
Step Four: Hot glue buttons to the covered frame. Again, I covered the three sides that show. No pattern, just random.

 Step Five: This is where you improvise. I used some vintage crochet trim I found at an occasional sale. If you had lace you could dye it red, or you could just use some red ribbon, or if you happen to find red crochet lace then you're golden. To make the rosettes I just coiled the lace in my hand and then holding the shape tightly I used hot glue to adhere it to the wreath form. I had to add some glue inside the rosette here and there to hold it's shape as well. Then add a pretty vintage button to the center, a few lengths to the side as tails and you're done!!! Step back and admire the bright shot of red and lace this adds to your home.

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