Friday, July 3, 2009

Doing the Work not just the PLAY

I wanted to title this post "Sucking it up". But then I thought I'd get a bunch of hits from Twilight fans, who would only be disappointed to learn I was talking about doing things you don't want to do. Cause it turns out that all those lessons our parents tried to teach us (like taking responsibility for your work and doing the things you don't want to - WITHOUT whining about it) really are important.
Even in art, which I love doing, I finding that it's important for me to do some stuff I don't want to. For instance, I need to take better pictures for my Etsy site. I know mine look like candids and although I don't like the look of them- I really don't want to take the time to learn how to take better one's. Aperture, f-stop, all that seems like more than I want to know. Plus, my creative energy has been solely focused on that first book deadline. I finished the page plan this week which is a page by page sketch of the ENTIRE book. Crazy! It worked out pretty well and I have to admit I have a much clearer vision for the book. So that was the first thing I "sucked it up" and did this week for my art.

Second, I let a friend who does amazing post production work for Photo Group in VA. give me a lesson on photographing my art. I know it's been killing her to look at the blog and my Etsy site and see all my amateur shots. Seriously- she can't stand them. So although I didn't want to learn, I knew this was my best shot at better, more professional pictures.

One thing she showed me was how to get the really close up in focus shots that blur right away. I love how this looks- it really draws the eye in. So I'll give it a try in the next week and see how it goes. The picture above is one she took of my wire tree. I do try to balance the suck it up stuff with fun stuff though- I kind of think you have to!

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Single Stone Studios said...

WITHOUT whining? Really? LOL Excited to hear about the progress on the book!