Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Making Flowers from Fabric

I've had a fuzzy image in mind of some fabric flowers I'd like to make. In the past I've done ribbon roses and plenty of knit one's too but thought I should try some using the quilting scraps I have. The patterns on these fabrics are so bright and pretty I just love them but when I tried creating what I had in mind they just wouldn't work. The image I have is of multi fabric flowers, that are 3d and kind of shabby chic. So some of these are close but not quite what I was thinking yet.

I'll keep trying. Do you ever get those glimpses? I can't just whip out the flower because I can't completely see them. It's frustrating but from past experiences I know that if I keep going I'll get there. And each attempt is a step closer because I've tried something that either does or doesn't work. That's knowledge.

So that's one of my little projects. Hope you enjoy them!

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