Wednesday, July 15, 2009

At Last! New Listings on Etsy

Seems like it's been forever- but I now have some new items listed! There a bunch of new wire words, some wall size and some embellishment size. I love these stitched to either canvas or my mini art quilts. There's also my favorite of the new listings- a scribble pear and scribble apple. They're the perfect "pear". Ok sad thing is I used that in the listing too.

Next on the to do list- I have 5 finished book projects due soon (luckily I also have a mom and dad who are willing to babysit next week).

I'd love it if you'd check out the shop to see the rest of the new items! Thanks!


A - Zinnia Productions said...

OHHHH! I love the wire words, and the patchwork flower! You know what else? I also just love how you made the fruit. I don't know how you do that! It is really so beautiful!

Single Stone Studios said...

ooooh@ I love these!!!

Jen said...

Thank you girls! I kind of just start with an outline and then start wrapping and weaving the wire. Always seems like a mess until the very end. Actually now that I think about it that's everything I do. :)