Thursday, July 9, 2009

Making Our Footprint

Today I footpainted with my son. We started out with brushes and everything but he'd only made a couple of brushstokes before he was sticking his finger in the watercolors. Soon he wanted to make his handprint and since that was great... he figured why not a footprint too?

This is the kid I thought didn't like art. Which of course was an arrow straight to my bosom.

The incident made me think about art and again, why do we make it? Do we make it to be pretty? Do we make it to make a statement? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. I think a lot of artists (maybe you) do create to express themselves but often it's the hook that gets us. "What happens if....", "What if I did...", "When you mix_and _ you get..." I saw it today in my son's eyes and heard it in his voice. He REALLY just wanted to know.

There are a lot of reasons I create. But the wanting to know- it's a big one.

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